All-rounder on the
building site.

Unimog U 430 in year-round operations on construction sites in Austria.

Whether small or large-scale construction sites, Dambauer Erdbau carries out a variety of projects in the building industry. The versatile range includes earth moving, demolition, disposal and construction waste recycling, as well as crane work – and in the colder months, the company even carries out winter service work. It's clear that to deliver such a broad range of services, the company needs to be able to use its vehicles flexibly.

Transport professional in red.

Civil engineering – that doesn't just include earthmoving, but also the most diverse range of ancillary services from co-ordination to vegetation clearing, from excavation to transport. And entrepreneur Florian Dambauer's fleet is just as versatile: it includes trucks, diggers, cranes and forklifts, plus the fleet's latest shining gem – a brand-new Unimog U 430.

In keeping with the company colours, the new vehicle shines in flashy red – opting for the more sector-specific colour orange wouldn't even cross the company owner's mind. Well-equipped for the job at hand, the Unimog transports construction machinery both to heavily populated areas and to far-flung locations, ready for whatever work is in store for them.

Another important aspect for Florian Dambauer is having the ability to deliver several tonnes of building materials to wherever they are needed. That often means a further step can be avoided and the company can thus operate with greater agility than other competitors who only use regular truck models. A further advantage comes in the form of not being bound by driving restrictions imposed some construction machinery, often requiring them to take large detours – the Unimog always has the task at hand in clear sight, regardless of when and where it is needed.

Robust construction site worker.

Increasing numbers of small construction companies are turning to the economic Unimog. Anyone like Florian Dambauer who runs a three-person operation not only values the pulling power, traction reserves and low consumption of the Unimog in daily operations, but also knows the importance of things like safety and, of course, the ability to use the power-horse the whole year through – 24 hours a day.

This motivated Florian Dambauer from a very early stage to invest in a Unimog which he could use not only to deliver construction machinery to where it is needed, but also to help with winter service operations in his home town of Elsbethen near Salzburg. Up to around a year ago, the businessman had been using an older Unimog model for that purpose. But then came the crunch: to keep up with the continually growing number of orders, it was time to swap to the new-generation Unimog U 430.

In acquiring their Special Truck, the company boss was assisted by the specialists from Pappas Unimog in Eugendorf, whose ample advice helped ensure the company was able to order a model which is individually tailored to the requirements of their field of operations.

Winter service work around the Salzburg area.

In good hands.

Although in its early days, the Unimog was predominantly seen in Austrian tunnel constructions and high up in the Alps, today, the all-rounder is a welcome sight on construction sites for which other vehicles are no longer suitable. After all, in addition to the classic virtues of the Universal Motorised Device, it also offers users a safe and comfortable workplace and, despite its compact dimensions, a comparatively enormous payload.

In its first year, the fresher of the fleet didn't even get a holiday, and that proves just how the Unimog can be utilised to the full across a broad range of operational activities. And despite all the stresses of the construction sector, Florian Dambauer still meticulously looks after his machinery – which becomes clear when you glance at his Unimog: despite the intensive transport operations on and off the beaten track, the Unimog U 430 does not yet have a single scratch on it.

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