Safety assistance systems.

Protecting what is really important. The Econic safety-concept.

Narrow streets, pedestrians, children on the way to school and cyclists – in tricky, busy situations, seconds can make all the difference.

100 % attention. Intelligent systems for maximum safety.

When it comes to anticipatory driving and prevention, the Econic is a decisive step ahead of conventional trucks. This is thanks in no small way to the low seating position and panoramic cab windows. But it’s also due to the fact that the Econic has multiple safety systems on-board. With their cameras, sensors and additional lighting systems, they ensure that the driver can focus on what’s important. Even in situations that demand maximum attention, such as in heavy traffic around town, when turning off, manoeuvring and reversing, or when encountering the end of a tailback.

Watch now: All Econic safety assistance systems at a glance.

Observe and react: The safety systems at a glance.

  • On an ergonomically located monitor, the Blind Spot Camera System* displays images of the vehicle’s surroundings that are specifically relevant to the current driving manoeuvre. When reversing, manoeuvring and turning, therefore, drivers have everything they need in view at all times.
  • The sensor-assisted emergency braking system Active Brake Assist, which is installed as standard, is able to warn when there is a risk of a collision. If the driver fails to respond to the visual and audible warnings, automatic partial braking can be initiated, accompanied by activation of the hazard warning lamps. This is followed by an application of the brakes at maximum braking power. Available with pedestrian detection now.
  • Sideguard Assist* can detect people on the passenger side and is able to alert the driver by means of a warning light. If the driver disregards the warning and turns the vehicle towards the detected person, a warning signal sounds. For safe and stress-free driving*.
  • Adaptive cruise control* monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead and automatically adapts the speed of the Econic.
  • A rain and light sensor and Lane Keeping Assist are part of the standard package. The pre-installations for reversing assist*, a speed limiter when reversing* and automatically activating hazard warning lamps* are available as options.
  • Work lamps* help to illuminate the manoeuvring area behind the vehicle and the area around the vehicle body. This significantly improves work safety during night-time operations.


* Optional equipment

visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
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