Automatic activation of hazard
warning lamps.

Safety in stop-start operations.

In logistics and waste disposal operations, the Econic frequently stops to perform its tasks before pulling away again. Flashing hazard warning lamps are a clear signal to following vehicles – essential for preventing accidents and risky situations. However, activating the hazard warning lamps every time the vehicle stops can soon become tedious and can become an added distraction to the driver, particularly in hectic day-to-day work – a safety risk in traffic.

Once-off activation after starting the engine.

That is why the Econic can be optionally equipped with the function for automatic activation of the hazard warning lamps. The driver doesn't have to do anything else: the function is activated once by means of a switch after the ignition is started and it then switches the hazard warning lamps on automatically each time the vehicle slows to a near standstill. This means the Econic driver can concentrate on other things – thereby increasing safety in stop-start operations.

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