Work lamps.

For more safety when manoeuvring.

It's never easy to manoeuvre a truck – and in the dark it is just as dangerous, and harder to see. That is why the Econic can be optionally equipped with a manoeuvring aid in the form of work lamps, for improved illumination of the rear manoeuvring space and the area around the vehicle body.

Greater safety in the dark.

The headlamps light up the area around the special truck's first driven axle, thus providing better visibility and safety for all concerned when manoeuvring. Be it in the hours of twilight or complete darkness.

One added advantage: the position of the work lamps on the chassis or the body can be agreed with the body manufacturer depending on the requirements and the individual applications, thus optimising it for any task.

visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
visible-lg and up (hidden-md and down)