Short-radius distribution.

Econic delivers logistics solutions. For today and tomorrow.

How do you develop a unique commercial vehicle generation like the Econic? By not following conventions, but instead by following your own convictions.

Well and truly in the focal point is the worldwide pioneering cab concept: a more ergonomic low-entry cab which is easier on your health. Plus, it also features intuitive controls and panoramic glazing for the best-possible field of vision.

The Econic offers tailored solutions for short-radius distribution operations thanks to its variable body options and permissible gross vehicle weights ranging from 18 to 26 tonnes. And all the time, it makes frugal and economic use of resources: regardless of whether it is equipped with a diesel or a natural gas drive system.

Efficiently and safely completes transport tasks even in the tight confines of the city.

Everything is designed to assist the driver in interaction with the vehicle in the best possible way, as well as to master both safely and efficiently the particular operational challenges it faces in cities. Every day. For all road users.

Our lives are getting tighter and faster. At the same time, the supply requirements are also increasing. Get in and see how the Econic is providing new impulses in short-radius distribution haulage.

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