The West is
getting greener.

West London is becoming greener and cleaner thanks to clever waste disposal with the Econic.

Ealing, London’s third largest district, is also known as the Queen of the Suburbs due to its many parks and tree-lined streets. The municipal trading company Greener Ealing Ltd was founded in this thriving district in July 2020. The company provides approximately 350,000 residents with sustainable waste removal, recycling, street cleaning and green space maintenance services. The Econic from Daimler Truck has been on the frontline of recycling since the very beginning and 32 model 2630 L vehicles now collect waste and recyclable materials every day.

Smart transition in uncertain times.

At a time when the world was in turmoil due to the uncertainties of the pandemic, the West Londoners showed determination and adaptability and made very smart decisions. After Greener Ealing was founded on behalf of the city council, the company's teams quickly got to grips with new tasks and old around the district. Managing Director Kevin O'Leary praises their outstanding performance: "Covid-19 brought a raft of challenges, but we had a very successful start. The entire workforce of around 350 employees has moved and is benefiting from better conditions".

Innovative yet familiar.

The reliability of the innovative Econic was a key factor in the flawless transfer of tasks to Greener Ealing. Whether from an operational and ergonomic perspective or with regard to maintenance work – Daimler Truck and its vehicles can be trusted. Mick Aherne, senior manager for Fleet and Compliance, reports: "In view of the urgency with which we wanted to put the vehicles into operation, I was particularly impressed by the quality of the chassis and bodies when they were delivered. There are often a few problems to iron out with new trucks", he continues. Not so with the new Econic: the teams were able to put the reliable 26-tonne trucks into operation almost immediately.


The ergonomic advantages of the Econic provided further relief during the transition phase. Mick Aherne explains the truck's popularity with the crews: "Our people simply like the Econic, not least because of its spacious, air-conditioned cab and excellent suspension, which makes driving it so comfortable". According to Mick Aherne, it is not only the collection crew, but also the technicians who are thrilled with the Econic 2630 L: "This truck is a product that our workshop technicians already know well, which improves its proven reliability still further".

The only choice.

Greener Ealing conducted a rigorous tendering process for its new fleet of waste collection vehicles. The fact that Daimler Truck vehicles won was by no means a coincidence. Project Manager John Arnold recalls: "Most bidders based their offers on the Econic chassis to a greater or lesser extent".

Trustworthy technology, ergonomics, safety.

The decision to go with the efficiency of an Econic fleet went hand in hand with Greener Ealing’s commitment to safety: the unique features of the Econic are ideal for the urban environment of a London district. When the contract was awarded, it was clear that the new vehicles would have to achieve the maximum five-star rating in Transport for London's Direct Vision Standard.

No sooner said than done: Thanks to its deep panoramic windscreen and the glazed folding door, Econic drivers enjoy an excellent view of the streets. This, coupled with the low seat position, allows drivers to make eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in traffic jams.

I was particularly impressed by the quality of the chassis and bodies.

Mick Aherne, senior manager for Fleet and Compliance, Greener Ealing Ltd.

Added to this are the 360-degree camera systems and Active Brake Assist emergency braking technology from Daimler Truck. The system is programmed to detect other vehicles at higher speeds and pedestrians at slower speeds and can bring the truck to a complete stop, meaning even more safety for all road users.

Smooth service included.

Last but not least, the premium service delivered by the partners validates the course they have taken in recent years. Detailed consultation between Greener Ealing and S&B Commercials paved the way for fruitful cooperation. Despite the inevitable delays caused by the pandemic, the dedication of S&B Commercials made the transition smooth and seamless. Nine of the new Econic trucks were delivered before Greener Ealing's start date. Another testimony to the quality of service was the impressive cooperation between the Daimler Truck and FAUN Zoeller UK teams. Working closely, they enabled the vehicles to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Made for the city.

The 32 Econic trucks are now in daily operation in the West London district. These 26-tonners are powered by 7.7-litre six-cylinder in-line engines with 220 kW (299 hp) output. Their 6-speed Allison automatic transmissions are purpose-designed for start-stop applications, making them real city slickers. The 6 x 2 chassis also have rear axle steering, so they are uniquely manoeuvrable in road traffic. They are equipped with FAUN Zoeller Variopress bodies and container lifts. Three of the Econic trucks have dual-compartment Selectapress bodies with a 70:30 configuration, so waste is collected quickly and efficiently.

The next step towards sustainability.

The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates emission-free in the local waste management industry.

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Next stop: an emission-free future.

From the outset, Greener Ealing planned to replace their Econic after five years. This is a relatively quick replacement schedule for complex waste collection vehicles that are a major capital investment. But Greener Ealing showed great foresight and strategic orientation here too. As Mick Aherne explains: "We are very keen to do our bit towards improving air quality in the district and to switch to a fleet powered by renewable energy as soon as possible. The all-electric eEconic is a truck that we will certainly be taking a closer look at".

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The Econic.

Provides sustainable solutions for increasing emissions in urban areas and ensures optimal working conditions for drivers and crew.

The eEconic.

Powerful, efficient and locally emission-free: the eEconic with pure battery-electric drive.

Econic Municipal.

Relieving the burden on municipal employees as well as the air quality in emission-polluted zones – the Econic in municipal use.

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