Recycling pioneers
in the megacity.

Waste disposal specialist Sembcorp expands Econic fleet in Singapore.

At present 6 million people live in the booming Asian metropolis of Singapore, and together they produce just under 5000 t of waste – every day. That is why the government of the city state has put the topic of waste disposal at the top of its agenda. Numerous initiatives are looking for ways to keep the city sustainably clean. An important strategy in addition to avoiding refuse is to recycle consistently. Singapore-based Sembcorp is relying on new Econic trucks with comprehensive safety equipment to do that.

What counts is everyday routine.

A year ago, Sembcorp ordered an Econic three-axle truck with a steerable rear axle and a rear loader body by Zenith to test it in everyday routine; because only in daily use does it become clear whether a vehicle can prove its worth in the heavy traffic of Singapore. Here, manoeuvrability and above all a good all-round view around the truck are of importance.

The Econic also scores twice with regard to visibility. Thanks to the low DirectVision cab the driver is always at eye-level with other road users. That reduces reaction times noticeably. And protects human lives.

The Econic with DirectVision: anticipatory driving at eye level.

The Econic is also equipped with comprehensive equipment with state-of-the-art safety assistance systems. Four exterior cameras make all the areas around the truck easily visible to the driver on a display depending on the traffic situation, and thus reduce blind spots to a minimum. The emergency braking assistance system Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and adaptive cruise control round off the perfectly co-ordinated safety package in the silver Econic trucks in Singapore.

Passed the test!

The concept worked: after a successful test phase for the first Econic in Southeast Asia, Sembcorp immediately ordered three more Econic 2630 L ENA / 6x2. From now on the trucks will collect household refuse in Singapore's world-famous city centre as well as on the exclusive island of Sentosa.

Responsibility for the environment and employees.

With its new Econic fleet, Sembcorp hopes to increase people's awareness for waste recycling in Singapore. The low-emission drive of the Econic with a modern Euro VI engine fits in well with that idea – currently this exhaust emissions standard is not widely present in commercial vehicles in Southeast Asia.

The health of the company's employees is of topmost importance for Sembcorp. Thanks to the Low-Entry concept the crew can enter the vehicle easily using two steps – without having to climb up three to four steep steps to reach the cab as is typical of other trucks. This is particularly advantageous when it is necessary to get in and out of the vehicle often. And that is the order of the day for refuse collection crews. As a result, Sembcorp can keep older drivers in the team for longer and labour hours lost due to back and joint problems are reduced considerably.

Joint goal: a clean future.

"Don't trash it, repurpose it," can be seen on the new Mercedes-Benz Econic refuse collection vehicles. The decision to buy the special truck quite clearly demonstrates Sembcorp's commitment to efficient waste recycling. And there are further plans for future co-operation with the German traditional manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz is already developing the next generation of the Econic with a 100 % battery-electric drive. "We are looking forward to closer co-operation with Mercedes-Benz and to the day when we are no longer only pioneers with the Econic in Singapore, but also a leader of technology with the fully electric eEconic," says a delighted Neo Hong Keat, Senior Vice President Waste Management at Sembcorp. To impressive technology and a clean future.

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