Rubbish in Esbjerg is in for a nasty surprise

The eEconic disposes of waste in Denmark’s seventh largest city.

At the end of November, a Mercedes-Benz eEconic was given a new home in Esbjerg, Denmark, where it is set to ensure clean roads for refuse collection. It is the first standard eEconic in the city of Esbjerg. The disposal company Marius Pedersen A/S acquired the eEconic for its fleet, with further special trucks to follow.

In Denmark, waste collection is blue.

In Denmark, sorting and recycling waste is very important. Indeed, the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, aims to recycle 70% of its waste by 2024. Across the country, waste must be separated into 12 different containers – one of the key requirements for sustainable recycling in the country. Another key requirement is transport. In the Danish port city of Esbjerg, this has been the Mercedes-Benz eEconic's task since the end of November 2022.

With the delivery of the first series-produced eEconic in Denmark, we are entering into a new future of sustainable waste collection.

Mikael Voigt, eMobility and PR Manager, Hessel Trucks

“Marius Pedersen A/S and Esbjerg Municipality started electrifying the waste collection fleet early on”, says Mikael Voigt, eMobility and PR Manager at the Danish Mercedes-Benz truck importer Hessel Trucks. He was closely involved in the delivery of the new super-cleaner right from the first initial discussions. Many more electrified vehicles are to follow in the near future. For the energy metropolis of Esbjerg with its over 70,000 inhabitants, this is a clean solution – for less waste and better air.

A tradition of sustainability.

Marius Pedersen A/S (equivalent to a public limited company) is a company steeped in tradition that has been helping to improve people's everyday lives for almost 100 years. Founder Marius Pedersen first established his business in 1925 on the island of Fyn. He built his very own roller and hired it out to the people of the surrounding communities so they could maintain their roads.

Marius Pedersen A/S soon expanded into a construction company. In 1970 waste management was added to its range of services. Since then, landfill operation and waste transport has formed its core business – with a clear focus on recycling. Today Marius Petersen A/S is an international group of companies with more than 4,700 employees in Denmark, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And with over 500 trucks, it has one of Denmark’s largest fleets.

The eEconic even recycles energy.

It's not only its field of application that makes the eEconic a true super-cleaner, but also the state-of-the-art battery and drive technology concealed under its body. “With the new all-electric driveline, when it comes to range and energy efficiency, the eEconic is leading the way”, says Mikael Voigt.

The supplied eEconic 300 3-axle vehicle is ideally equipped, with three lithium-ion batteries with an installed capacity of 336 kWh and an effective usable capacity of 291 kWh. The high-performance batteries supply power to two electric motors mounted directly on the drive axle and also drive the compressor unit.

The eEconic can cover up to 150 km per day without charging. This is not least down to the fact that it returns up to a third of the energy used for propulsion to the batteries during braking. And working overtime is no problem for the eEconic either: the battery capacity can be charged from 20% to 80% in just 75 minutes – thanks to a maximum charging capacity of a whopping 160 kW.


Always on the safe side.

“Our Econic model has been a market leader in waste collection for many years thanks to its ergonomic and convenient safety systems”, explains Mikael Voigt. The eEconic also has a variety of safety systems that help the driver to identify and avoid dangerous situations in road traffic. This includes the DirectVision cabin, which, thanks to the floor-length windows in the doors, enables crystal-clear, all-round visibility right down to the ground. With its standing height of 192 cm and through access, drivers can move around in it flexibly. The low floor height of only 83 cm and the glass “bus door" have made it possible to develop a two-step entry and exit.

The blind spot camera system gives the driver a reliable view of blind spots, displaying accurate images of the vehicle's surroundings on an ergonomically arranged screen. This allows the driver to identify potential hazards that may affect road safety when reversing, manoeuvring and turning in tight spaces.

Anticipatory braking.

If the camera system alone is not sufficient, the turning assistant also gives a view of surroundings. This is located directly in front of the right step, recognises other road users positioned next to the eEconic and warns the driver if necessary using light and sound signals.

The Active Brake Assist 5 brakes in time. Cruise control with distance control always checks the distance to the vehicle in front and adjusts the speed accordingly. Visual and acoustic warnings alert the driver of potential dangers. Automatic full braking can even be applied if a sudden obstacle appears.

But it's not only the occupants and other road users who are safe, but also the eEconic's batteries. The vehicle is fitted with heavy-duty aluminium side protection as standard. These protect the batteries in the event of an impact at speeds of up to 30 km/h. If the impact of the collision is greater than this, a pyrotechnic fuse takes effect, which immediately switches off the vehicle's high-voltage system.

Sustainability heroes.

“By delivering the first series-produced eEconic in Denmark, we are entering into a new future for sustainable waste collection”, says Mikael Voigt proudly. “We have already sold a significant number of eEconics in Denmark, which are due to be delivered in the near future.” Hessel Trucks has so far launched both light and medium-weight all-electric vehicles on the Danish market. “From next year, we will be ready to electrify heavy-duty regional and international long-haul transport”, says a delighted Mikael.

As well as import and sales, the company also offers comprehensive advice. This applies to the vehicles themselves as well as to the associated infrastructure and logistics systems. Marius Pedersen A/S also feels well advised with the new eEconic. It has retained its core values over almost 100 years of company history – sustainability, responsibility and reliability. Values that the eEconic shares.

The next step towards sustainability.

The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates emission-free in the local waste management industry.

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