Tons of cleanliness.

An Econic with a bin washing system ensures clean waste containers.

Düsseldorf-Unterbach: An Econic used for refuse collection empties the residents' organic waste containers in the Rhineland suburb. So far, so ordinary. But a second Econic follows the refuse collection – and cleans the bins with the help of a special bin washing system from the MoWa company. The teams literally work with high pressure to clean the waste bins. And they can fully rely on their Econic, which shines with reliability, comfort and ergonomics.

Dirty organic and residual waste bins can become a problem, especially in the summer months. They smell bad and are unhygienic. In Düsseldorf, the company MoWa (Mobile Washing Systems) uses an Econic to ensure that the bins are returned to their designated spot thoroughly cleaned. With the help of a special bin washing system mounted on the Econic.

Frank and Alexander, two MoWa employees, are out and about in the district of Düsseldorf-Unterbach. Dirty waste bins are not an option. With their Econic, they follow the refuse collection vehicle at a distance of about 15 minutes and tackle anything left behind in the bins. With hot water and high pressure.

The Econic from MoWa is a welcome vehicle in the streets of Düsseldorf-Unterbach.If residents fetch their emptied bins too early, they are kindly reminded by Alexander to roll them back out onto the street. Frank, the driver, is happy to wait in the vehicle in the meantime – which is hardly surprising, given the comfort of the suspension seats of the Econic.

Work entry made easy.

“What stands out about the Econic is the low-entry design, which is ergonomically designed for the employees,” says Marc Przybylski, general manager of the family-owned company MoWa. At the end of the day, they are not as tired as with other trucks.

The Econic relieves the crew of several of their work steps. After all, they take a few steps every day. The MoWa employees work very similarly to refuse collectors: in their daily work, they have to get in and out of the vehicle very often, which puts a strain on their joints in the long run. Thanks to the low-entry system with only two steps, the workers are subjected to less physical strain.

To make things even better, the cab of the Econic has a comfortable standing height of up to 1,920 mm and a step-through height of up to 1,745 mm for the high cab variant. This means that the driver can exit on the side facing away from the road by simply walking through the cab.


Clean facts.

On the premises of the MoWa company in Overath near Cologne, Marc Przybylski presents the latest vehicle of his fleet: a white Econic 1835. Like the other models, it has plenty of space for all kinds of additional equipment. For instance, for two tanks with 6,000 litres of fresh water and a waste water tank. This allows the Econic to wash up to 600 waste containers per day without any need to change the water. “We sell cleanliness,” says Marc Przybylski proudly – the company's unofficial claim.

We sell cleanliness.

Marc Przybylski, general manager, MoWa GmbH

This cleanliness can be expressed in figures: the bin washing system works with 50 l per minute, a pressure of 150 bar and hot water at up to 70 °C. This means that even heavy soiling on and in the bins can be removed. In total, MoWa uses around 25 Econic vehicles with a bin washing system, in addition to other vehicles. The company also sells its bodies in Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.

A star from the beginning.

The Econic celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023 – and the MoWa company has been loyal to the Special Truck for just as long. “We bought one of the first Econic 25 years ago to set up a washing unit.” In fact, it was precisely the fifth Econic ever to roll off the production line.

By now, the old Econic has been retired. When it comes to cleanliness, however, its successors at MoWa are still at the forefront.

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