5-star award
on the Thames.

Glencoe Plant Services has first Econic in the starting blocks.

Too safe? No such thing, especially not in road traffic. This is also what the bosses thought at Glencoe Plant Services, a company specialising in hiring equipment and tools for large-scale construction sites. In order to operate optimally in London, when procuring a new tipper system they chose an Econic 1830 L.

Versatile and reliable.

Transport for London, the umbrella organisation which has regulated the requirements concerning truck traffic in the British capital since 2001, has awarded the Econic five stars due to its extensive safety features. A key factor in Glencoe Plant Services' decision to buy the Econic. Damian Kilcoyne, one of the operations managers, explains: "If you consider how often the vehicle is going to be out on the road in London and the surrounding area, the Econic is the only choice. Safety and conformity were the very top priority in our selection process. At one of the manufacturer's events we were able to test-drive the Econic in advance and get to know all its decisive advantages."

Glencoe Plant Services is part of the Masterson Holdings Group and is headquartered in Chalfont St. Giles, about an hour's drive from London. It is mainly recyclable construction waste that will be transported by the Econic equipped as a roll-off dump truck through the urban bustle to recycling centres in future. "Up until now we hired dumper systems from subcontractors. The Econic makes us more flexible and more efficient," explains Damian Kilcoyne. Glencoe Plant Services maintains a fleet with a dozen vehicles, including two 26-tonne Mercedes-Benz models on which concrete pumps are mounted.

Above all it's the excellent vision from the cab that makes the streets of London safer for all road users.

Damian Kilcoyne, Operations Manager, Glencoe Plant Services

State-of-the-art safety technology, impressive details.

Right from the outset the Econic was developed with the aim of achieving maximum safety for all road users. This also includes equipping the truck with the latest safety assistance systems. The Econic is fitted with the fourth-generation Active Brake Assist, which provides effective warnings about impending collisions and can initiate autonomous braking in case of danger. An additional person detection feature helps to provide special protection for the most vulnerable road users.

Overview of all Econic safety assistance systems

When it comes to the design, too, the Econic delivers key safety benefits: low panoramic windows and a fully glazed co-driver's door give the driver an all-round view of the traffic. The seat position, which is lower than in comparable trucks, puts the driver at eye level with cyclists and pedestrians even in complicated traffic situations such as intersections and tailbacks.

"Above all it's the excellent vision from the cab that makes the streets of London safer for all road users. As the driver can see more, this means that the time spent at the wheel is also less stressful for them. The low entrance and easy access in the cab ensure even more safety, as they can always choose the side on which they climb out and back in again," says Damian Kilcoyne. What's more, Econic drivers also benefit from the low entrance and the air-sprung driver's seat in terms of health.


Full power ahead over London Bridge.

The six-cylinder engine of the Econic 1830 L has a displacement of 7.7 l and 220 kW (299 hp). The roll-off dump truck is equipped with the fuel-saving automated manual transmission PowerShift 3. The hydraulic tipper system is from body manufacturer Hyva.

"Safety was key when we made our decision, but the comparatively low maintenance costs and the vehicle's robustness when it comes to being able to support all of our business units were also a huge plus point," explains Damian Kilcoyne. So the first Econic in the fleet of this London construction transporter is unlikely to be the last.

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