Unimog history.

75 years of the Unimog. Power for a purpose.

Developed as a universally-applicable motorised device, built as a reliable workhorse, further-developed into an advanced implement carrier. When the first Unimog was developed in 1946, nobody at the time could possibly have imagined just how much of a success the legendary all-rounder would be, nor that it would endure up to the present day.

At the beginning, inventive spirit and a brilliant idea led to the creation of the unmistakeable vehicle we know today as the Unimog: rugged underpinnings with a versatile range of applications, all packaged in a single vehicle which is as suitable for daily operations as anyone could ever wish for. Be it in agriculture, municipal works, forestry, firefighting or even on rails, there is no other vehicle in the world that offers such a broad scope of operational capacities.

In the video: Unimog moments from the beginnings to today.

Living history.

Find out more about the legendary history of the Unimog – from its very beginnings right through to the present day. In the process, you'll get to know the people who share a passion for the Unimog. Distinguished experts explain the technical developments and clever solutions which have allowed the Unimog to stand out from the crowd right up to today.

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