Build on originals

Unimog Remanufacturing: Factory repairs for your transmission.

Whether it’s about our unique team or working with genuine spare parts for transmissions: with Remanufacturing, you can rely on originals. Where are they based? At the plant in Gaggenau, where the Unimog was born. Transmissions for the universal motorised unit have always been built here. That’s why the employees are exactly the right people to repair the parts. From factory repairs of your transmission to fast delivery of a replacement assembly: Unimog offers tailor-made offers and spare parts in genuine part quality – precisely according to your needs.

The No. 1 for transmission damage.

When a transmission starts to stutter, the Unimog comes to a standstill. However, because the all-rounder is often planned to be used all year round, the repair must be many things: competent, reliable, fast. Not an easy thing with such a highly complex vehicle.

Unimog Remanufacturing is the right way to go. Reliable service, high-quality replacement, technical expertise: the highest Mercedes-Benz quality standards are applied from the initial contact to delivery.

Always at the service of the Unimog.

If the worst comes to the worst, experienced customer service employees at the Gaggenau plant are there for you personally. And they can advise you in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Focus is always on customisation: based on your description of the damage, experienced professionals can work with you to assess which repair options are available. And there are a fair few.

A service on our part: what we offer.

Remanufacturing, or Reman for short – what this means exactly depends on the individual case. In the event of major transmission damage, e.g. if shavings have penetrated the circuit, a replacement transmission is usually recommended.

Replacement transmission

You send in your faulty transmission and the Reman team will send you a previously repaired one. | Fixed price


If the damage is not global, a factory repair is usually worthwhile. This is sustainable and often cheaper financially. There are three variants to choose from – depending on how quickly the Unimog needs to be back in operation.

Individual service

You send in your transmission. Damaged parts are replaced, as are all parts subject to wear. You will receive the transmission back about 15 days later.
| Damage-based price

Standard service

You receive a repaired transmission within one week and send in your faulty transmission after the replacement.
| Damage-based price

Express service

Your issue is made a priority and you receive a repaired transmission after one to two days and send in your faulty transmission after replacement.
| Damage-based price + express fee

No compromises in quality.

No matter how, at some point every transmission in need of repair ends up at the Gaggenau plant where professionals know every little cog in the Unimog by name. "When we look at a transmission, we first dismantle it into its individual parts," says assembly manager Ralf Schmellick, explaining the Reman process.

Then it’s time for thorough cleaning. "What's important here is by laboriously checking and sorting all parts, we find out which parts can be reused and which have to be repaired or replaced." Sustainability is an important factor: Around 80% of the transmission parts are reused on average.

The parts are then reconditioned or replaced with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and everything is reassembled. "Before it leaves our warehouse in Gaggenau, we put the entire transmission to the test and carry out a Reman quality check," emphasises Ralf Schmellick. "This also sets us apart from others: nobody else routinely tests a repaired transmission in a dip tank, for example. And that’s not just for show, on the contrary: this allows us to find even the smallest leak and save the driver trouble later."

Delivered as ordered.

A Unimog transmission consists of a bare transmission – also known as a manual transmission – a transfer case, a working group and a crawler group. There are two options in the Reman program: either only the bare transmission is replaced or the complete transmission unit. Gear reductions such as the working or crawler gear group must always be requested separately.

Genuine transmission service that suits you.

A transmission unit leaves the Gaggenau plant only if it meets the latest design status. The Reman team is particularly proud of this. Your benefit: a one-year warranty on the complete transmission, not just on the repaired parts. This is only available with the original.

Unimog Remanufacturing. Build on originals.

Your contact to the Reman team:

Mercedes-Benz Werk Gaggenau

0800 1010139 (Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

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