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Useful care tips for all Unimog owners.

25 years of service and more are not uncommon for the Unimog. The prerequisite for this: regular maintenance and care. Precisely because it is constantly exposed to environmental influences in its work as an all-rounder, the Unimog should be checked and serviced regularly. But workshop experts don't always have to be involved. Many small maintenance measures can also be carried out by drivers and owners themselves in everyday work - for safe use and value retention.

Especially important in the winter season.

Regular engagement is the alpha and omega of vehicle care. Although this motto applies all year round, the Unimog, like all vehicles, needs special attention in the winter months. Then the increased contact with salts, ice and dirt requires special attention and careful cleaning. Damage to the paintwork and preservation should be detected as early as possible and repaired by an authorised specialist workshop.

Do it yourself: Tips for vehicle care from Unimog Service & Parts.

Unimog Service & Parts has created a practical overview with useful care tips for all Unimog owners. These are simple to-dos that you can do yourself at regular intervals with little effort.

Details on the listed measures can be found in the operating instructions for the vehicle. In this there are application-related deviations that should be observed.



Departure control:

✔ Check the lighting system for correct function

✔ Check the condition of the tyres

Depending on operating conditions:

✔ Clean the radiator (depending on the conditions of use, several times are necessary)

✔ Clean the cabin filter (fine particle filter or the active charcoal filter)

Each time the vehicle is used under extreme conditions:

✔ Rinse off all traces of corrosive materials using water




✔ Check the fluid level in the windscreen washer system

✔ Check the wiper blades

✔ Clean the radiator

During the winter season additional:

✔ Clean the vehicle
✔ Clean the ventilation filter housing (U 300/400/500)




✔ Clean the vehicle, especially following winter road service operation
✔ Check the brake box for dust or moisture (U 300)




✔ Check the compressed-air dryer function
✔ Check water entry in compressed-air dryer. Contact a service workshop if water has entered.




✔ Check the contents of the first-aid kit

✔ Check the flashing beacon for correct function

Before the winter season:

✔ Check the antifreeze in the coolant

At the end of the winter season:

✔ Spray the earth points in the battery compartment and on the vehicle exterior and the connection points on the starter softly with acid protection grease

✔ Clean the chassis and the platform area thoroughly. Only use pH-neutral cleaners, not alkaline or acidic products. Detailed tips and recommendations on cleaning agents will follow shortly.

✔ Check protective treatment for blemishes and apply a new treatment if necessary

✔ Clean the service brake

Every 2 years


  ✔ Check the function and condition of the fire extinguisher (see the manufacturer's information)

Every 3 years


  ✔ Renew the protective agents for the entire vehicle


After each use, the vehicle should be cleaned with clear water and freed from dust and dirt. Depending on the conditions of use (mowing, agriculture, winter service, terrain), the vehicle should also be cleaned during use (e.g. cleaning the cooler when mowing dusty).

In individual countries, there may be deviations from the regular tests described here due to legal regulations. Please observe the legal requirements of your country.

More detailed information needed?

Detailed information on the scope of care can be looked up conveniently at any time in the operating instructions under the “Cleaning and Care” tab and the additional instructions “Tips for maintaining the value” of your Unimog.

With the online version of the owner's manuals, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks keeps you informed on the current state of Unimog technology. Just select your model and open interactive owner's manual:

U 300 - U 500 (Implement carrier until Euro V)

U 216 - U 530 (Implement carrier Euro VI)

U 3000 - U 5000 (Offroader until Euro V)

U 4023 - U 5023 (Offroader Euro VI)

Important: Always seek professional advice in the event of defects!

Should you become aware of a defect during the care and inspection of your Unimog, it should always be rectified in a qualified specialist workshop for reasons of operational safety. This applies in particular to defects in the brake system, air conditioning or the preservation. Your local service partner will be happy to help and advise you.

Would you like to know more?

Your service partner will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact your authorized Unimog partner in your area.
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