The range of services for
corrosion protection renewal.

The corrosion protection renewal procedure at your service partner.

Two layers are better than one, especially when it comes to anti-rust treatment. Your Unimog should regularly undergo corrosion protection renewal using a special double-layer process to increase the service life of your vehicle and maintain its value.

Professional advice from the experts.

In order to determine the right approach to meet your needs, the experts at your Unimog service partner take time to talk to you and to carry out a preservation check. This allows them to assess the condition of your Unimog and to establish your preferred preservation method. It is important to differentiate between used and new vehicles – the sooner prevention starts, the more promising the long-term effects.

The range of services for corrosion protection renewal includes cavity-fill preserving agents, underbody protection, paint sealants and interior cleaning.

Double-layer process for the best corrosion protection.

Thorough cleaning of the vehicle is an important prerequisite for effective and lasting sealing. By arrangement, our workshop experts can take on the task of cleaning your Unimog for you, which also involves masking off sensitive vehicle parts.

Then the actual corrosion protection renewal process begins.

The complete anti-rust treatment includes a double-layer process. The first layer seals the entire vehicle. Even small cavities and folds are reliably protected so that rust caused by condensation cannot even start to take hold.

The second layer protects your Unimog from chemical substances, such as gritting salts, and mechanical damage such as stone chipping.

Elaskon, a well-established manufacturer of specialist lubricants and anti-corrosion and care products, is a reliable service provider for lasting corrosion protection.

Check out the video to see how their service team carry out an anti-rust treatment.

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