Unimog Partner Portal now online.

Finding and comparing body and attachment solutions.

The new Unimog Partner Portal is online. At www.unimogpartner.com, users are now able to find suitable Unimog implement combinations for a wide range of applications thanks to a practical search function.


At a glance: suitable Unimog implements and body builders.

If you are looking for suitable body and attachment solutions for the Unimog, you will now be able to find all the implements on the web – optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

The new Unimog Partner Portal focuses on the detailed description of the attachments and body implements with photos and contact address of the respective Unimog implement partner. These profiles provide detailed information on the product advantages and important technical data for the operation of the selected implement.

Visit the Unimog Partner Portal at www.unimogpartner.com!

Round-the-clock access and ease of operation.

The new Unimog Partner Portal is available day and night and also scores points with the simplicity of operation. The database can be easily searched for solutions for individual needs. It is possible to filter the selection by Unimog type, vehicle model, bodybuilder, implement manufacturer, area of application or industry.

All portal contents are publicly available. Prior registration is not necessary.

To the Unimog Partner Portal

"It's better together."

All manufacturers listed in the Unimog Partner Portal meet Mercedes-Benz quality standards in the areas of technology, quality, service and sales. And are therefore certified as "UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz" or "Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner". Unimog users can therefore be confident that they will be able to get the best vehicle/implement combinations through the new portal.

Mercedes-Benz has expanded the Unimog partnership model.

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