Allterrain Mobile Homes.

Because real adventures start in places where roads stop.

Let your imagination run free. Regardless of whether youʼre following in the footsteps of great explorers or discovering places that no-one has found before you, the recreational and long-distance touring vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks make it possible. Both the Unimog and Zetros can be converted into the optimal companion for your travels. How about an extremely agile off-road camper van? Or a robust and reliable expedition vehicle for hunting or rallies?

Product information on the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks

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Unimog Off-road.

The Unimog as a leisure and long-distance motorhome: because real adventures begin where paved roads end.

The extreme off-road Unimog.

Developed as a reliable powerhouse with one goal: the utmost in indestructibility.

The Zetros.

The Zetros is efficient, robust and user-friendly – and at home on any terrain.

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