Discovering the world with the Unimog.

EarthCruiser Australia relies on the Unimog's German engineering.

Decades of experience, the unrelenting search for top-level performance and practically-oriented testing over thousands of kilometres – in the Australian Outback and the world over. For 65 years, EarthCruiser Australia has been making special-purpose bodies for all-wheel-drive motorhomes. It is their aspiration to make the best expedition vehicles in the world. To do that, they need the right base vehicle.

With its off-road chassis, multiple equipment variants and, above all, its compact dimensions which allow easy transport in shipping containers, the Unimog has truly impressed the Australian experts. Since this discovery, EarthCruiser has literally been building on the Unimog. The Special Truck meets all of their expectations, bringing users to the most far-flung of places and offering intrepid explorers a comfortable home for long trips.

Australian explorer spirit meets the art of German engineering.

The combination of the Unimog U 430 with a motorhome body specifically developed for driving off-road results in a reliable touring vehicle with as much as 300 hp and which is ready for any type of adventure you have in mind: the EarthCruiser Explorer XPR440. The whole outfit literally makes it possible to travel to the end of the world. And all in a safe, adventurous and comfortable way, which currently knows no competition.


Home and away.

As standard, the camper is equipped with heated tanks, two lithium batteries, pumps and a water feed. The tanks are mounted on the chassis frame and can store up to 860 l of water and 800 l of fuel – together they make for a usable range of up to 3500 km. Two fridge-freezers with a total volume of 212 and 68 l, 24-volt electrical winches for weights up to 9000 kg at the front and rear, a 2.5-kg washing machine, air conditioning, microwave, a 240-volt outdoor BBQ, not to mention a chainsaw and an axe to round off the special equipment on-board.

The EarthCruiser Explorer promises unforgettable expeditions and is just as prepared for adventurous families as it is for professional research teams. One double and two single skybeds make dreams of sleeping close to nature a reality.

While driving, it is even possible to accommodate five people in the off-road camper. Anyone wishing to add an extra helping of adventure to their discovery expeditions can also transport a motorbike on the rear end.

In addition to the standard telematics system featuring satellite tracking, five externally installed cameras can record up to 45 days of live footage from your expedition and allow you to broadcast live around the world if you desire.


The right equipment for all requirements.

The equipment of your EarthCruiser can be expanded to suit your travel plans: whether you need to ready the vehicle for ice-cold Arctic temperatures down as low as -40 °C or for the extreme heat of the desert and the tropics, weatherproofing options optimise the all-rounder to suit your personal requirements.

Offroad Expeditions Vehicle from Bliss Mobil based on the Unimog U 5023.

A large range of additional features can be selected, among which are run-flat tyres, a tyre-pressure regulation system and a hydraulic 4-point lifting system for changing tyres or wheels. With as many as 140 functions on-board the specialist vehicle, system control is conveniently managed by means of an iPad touchscreen inside the vehicle.

The EarthCruiser Explorer XPR440 body measures 4.4 m in length. But those looking for an even more compact variant, should look at the XPR380 body variant which measures just 3.8 m. Ex-factory, users also have the choice between a long (3600 mm) and a short Unimog wheelbase (3150 mm).


Fusion of two exemplary models.

The Unimog implement carrier concept also features additional advantageous characteristics: VarioPilot® transferable steering on the Unimog U 430 makes it possible to move the steering wheel and pedals from the left-hand side to the right in less than 30 seconds – thus ensuring utmost safety, visibility and control, regardless of where the journey takes you.

The Special Truck additionally shines with an appropriate low-range transmission ratio for off-roading as well as coil springs and disc brakes, both standard on all four wheels. The truck is also available with either a manual or an automated manual transmission. Thanks to all-wheel drive, differential locks and portal axles, as well as short overhangs for maximum ground clearance and great approach and departure angles, the vehicle demonstrates truly impressive traits even off the beaten track. But it doesn't stop there because these characteristics can be enhanced even further upon request.

The compact all-rounder can be transported simply in a shipping container in order to reach a destination of choice in which to put its special characteristics to the test. Let the journey begin!

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