Dress rehearsal in a sea of sand.

Overland Try-out Expedition for the Unimog and Zetros long-distance camper vans in Morocco.

Kevin Kooijman stands in the hot desert sand, giving out instructions. How do you operate the winch? How do I get myself out of difficult situations? How should I best act in the group? The experienced rally driver and tour guide prepares his participants for every eventuality, however extreme – because, after all, that is exactly why they came here. After several exercises and experimenting, the adventurers have learned another lesson – and are now travelling through the Moroccan Sahara.

A unique combination: Overland Travel and Bliss Mobil.

The participants on the tour are on a training expedition: designed specifically by Overland Travel and bodybuilder Bliss Mobil, the trip focuses on the optimum preparation of Special Trucks owners for future short and long-term expeditions. By learning to handle the expedition vehicle with confidence in order to help themselves and others in difficult situations, at the end of the trip the drivers are equipped for any challenge.

Discover something special with Unimog: Offroad Expeditions Vehicle by Bliss Mobil

Motor racing trainer Kooijman teaches the participants a lot about their trucks, the technology behind them and of course driving off-road: driving techniques, the use of towing aids and using a tyre pressure adapted to the terrain are important lessons on the way to becoming an off-road champion.

A world of contrasts: Morocco.

Over the 3000 kilometres, the Unimog and Zetros drivers learn all about the perils of sand dunes, steep mountainsides and soft sandy beaches. A completely different environment to experience every few hours during the drive – that only happens in Morocco. It is very turbulent during the 16 days – including that rally feeling. Either you travel over land yourself or you leave the transport of the Special Trucks to the starting point in the safe hands of Overland Travel.

The adventure starts in the port of Tangier in the north of the country. The goal: the steep mountain sides, passes and the high plateaus of the Atlas mountains. A true challenge for off-road fans – breath-taking views and limitless freedom all-included. After this initial test, the group travels further into the Sahara where participants can go wild and show everyone what they can do. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga are the names of the two largest seas of dunes in Morocco. And they live up to their names: the extreme off-road capability of the Unimog and the Zetros are more in demand here than anywhere else, and when climbing the highest dune, the full power of the off-road specialists comes into operation. In the evenings, everyone tells of their experiences or regales stories around the camp-fire – and at every opportunity participants sleep under the starry sky.

And no-one misses out on the great culture of North Africa either: prior to the off-road training at the impressive beach of Mor Plage Blanche, the route follows a south-easterly direction along a salt lake through small villages and oases. Kasbahs and Koran schools allow the travellers to discover the world of the Arab desert peoples. And that's not all: the crowning glory is the fairytale town of Marrakesh which awaits to be discovered. Because, primarily, that is what the tours with Overland Travel stand for: not just sightseeing and learning about off-road driving, but full immersion.

An extraordinary concept: the Around the World Tour.

With so much fun and so many off-road challenges, the team members have no choice: they finish their training – which in itself is worth the journey – with a broad grin. And the question about what the next challenge in extreme off-road terrain will be pops up straight away – what about the Around the World Tour by Overland Travel and Bliss Mobil, for example? the Unimog and Zetros vehicles are ready.

Around the World Tour: Overland Expedition leads Zetros owners to southern Africa

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