Off-road supremos come together.

The Unimog and G-Class demonstrate their off-road capabilities on the test site in Ötigheim.

Six cylinders with a total displacement of 7.7 l make the Unimog U 5030 a top off-road performer with an output of 220 kW (299 hp) and powerful maximum torque of 1200 Nm. The Unimog overcomes extreme slopes and angles of approach/departure without problems. All this makes driving around the test site sheer fun.

Powerful latest-generation engine.

The U 5030 is offered by Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with conversion partner Hellgeth Engineering. The decisive factor for the impressive off-road performance of the Unimog U 5030 is its OM 936 LA engine, a common-rail power unit from the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz engines which meets the Euro VI emissions standard.

To increase traction, the Unimog also features permanent all-wheel drive with three 100% differential locks. The modified powertrain ensures even more off-road dynamism, and superior handling characteristics on the road.

Portal axles with tubular sleeve technology as standard also allow a high ground clearance. The Unimog U 5030 also scores highly with a fording capability of up to 1.2 m.

Special vehicle equipment requirements can be met.

In consultation with Hellgeth Engineering it is possible to realise a wide range of other highlights for the Unimog U 5030. These include for example multi-part light-alloy wheels and high-grade interior appointments in sporty, exclusive leather. An individual suspension setup is also possible, for example as an expedition or rally vehicle.

G-Class has the off-road gene.

The G-Class model G 500 4x4, which competes with the Unimog U 5030 on the test site, has special portal axles. It can easily pass through water depths of up to 1 m. The double damping system keeps the driver in full control even when driving over extreme terrain. The 4-liter V8 engine, which was installed for the first time in the G-Class, provides the necessary power. With 310 kW (422 hp), it provides the necessary power to master even extreme angles of incline.

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