The Unimog is comfort on wheels.

Motorhome manufacturer bimobil turns to the Unimog.

For its brand new RV cabin, specialist motorhome manufacturer bimobil is turning to the Unimog as the basis for its vehicle. And thus making a clear choice for limitless mobility.

Practical and without compromise.

The bimobil EX 435 is based on the Unimog U 4023 and is thus well-suited for big, extraordinary trips. For their long-haul RV cabin, bimobil have opted for the true off-road quality of the current U 4023 – the result is a motorhome which is in a league of its own!

The new camper cabin scores extra points thanks to its bimobil uniqueness, as well as its luminosity and solidity. Among its equipment features are a flexible and spacious living area, a bathroom with window and a completely highly-insulated cabin which can stand up to any meteorological extremes.

Video: Unimog motorhome being used off-road.

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An impressive feature of the Unimog is its 5.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine which delivers 231 hp and a maximum of 900 Nm torque, and that despite being able to climb 100 % gradients. These figures speak for themselves. Depending on requirements, the semi-automatic eight-speed transmission with step-down ratio can even be operated manually thanks to a clutch pedal which can be folded down subject to requirements. That makes the Unimog both a hardened off-road vehicle and a comfortable companion for long distances.

The fresh water tank holds 300 litres and is a big plus on bigger journeys. The electrical network of the base vehicle is equipped as a 24-volt system and, of course, also features a 24-to-12-volt voltage transformer. The camper cabin is supplied exclusively with a voltage of 12 V from a 210 Ah gel battery. The bed can be raised to create great variability for occupants at any time of the year: irrespective of whether you need a comfortable bed or a spacious seating area.

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Unimog as a recreational and long distance touring vehicle

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