"Mog Home" for modern adventurers.

Unimog and Ziegler Adventure: a strong combination.

With the "Mog Home" Ziegler Adventure has developed an extra-class camper based on the Unimog. And the freedom to travel wherever you want combined with the safety to arrive everywhere, promises the German bodybuilder. Because many of the most beautiful paths do not lead over asphalt.

Mobile home on four wheels.

Ziegler Adventure incorporates the name of the carrier vehicle into its body unit, calling it "Mog Home". Produced with a lot of manual work in series – so the fast availability and high quality of the vehicles is ensured.

In the "Mog Home", only components from well-known manufacturers are used, which have already many years of experience in the field of camper construction. To enable adventurers in extreme conditions to always rely on the technology in outdoor use.

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In the video: Refuel - and reenergize in nature. With Unimog and Ziegler Adventure.

No compromises in quality.

Wheather an extreme off-road mobile home or a robust and reliable expedition vehicle. If any vehicle can handle it, it's the Unimog. It is highly popular as a base carrier vehicle because of its high load capacity allied to unique off-road capability. It also offers outstanding levels of ride comfort and user-friendliness.

Certified bodybuilders like Ziegler Adventure from Bavaria work in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. This ensures the high quality and consistency of the Unimog components. And the Special Truck is always ready for an exciting outdoor ride.

Clever space usage: the lifting bed ensures comfortable nights and creates sufficient space for living during the day.
With the Unimog across country - thanks to its tried and proven indestructible drive train and chassis design.
Clever space usage: the lifting bed ensures comfortable nights and creates sufficient space for living during the day.

Unlimited freedom – also with the equipment.

The many factory options meet virtually every wish. Unique selling points include a 1.20 metre wading depth without water leakage into the living space. Ziegler Adventure offers separate toilet, shower and washing areas. This means multiple occupants can use the facilities simultaneously.

Based on the U 4023 with a 3,850 mm wheelbase, the company produces a compact adventure vehicle just 6.76 metres in length, which can also be optionally fitted with a solar unit, as well as a comfort specification featuring leather seats and armrests.

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