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The Mercedes-Benz Zetros as an offroad mobile home.

The Zetros takes you to the places you yearn to see. No roads. No paths. And no compromise.

Nothing missing, itʼs all there.

The Zetros continues to live up to the legendary tradition of the long-nosed Mercedes-Benz trucks. But itʼs much more than that: by using tried-and-tested chassis and drive system technologies from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks model series that have proven their strengths millions of times over, the Zetros combines the advantages of a long-nosed truck with both highly agile off-road capabilities and impressive robustness.

Besides great driving comfort, the modern and ergonomic cab also offers immense stowage space thanks to the seat being positioned behind the front axle. A balanced distribution of the axle loads, its quiet and safe driving characteristics and the low vehicle centre of gravity are further advantages.

And letʼs not forget: individual body mounting solutions ensure that youʼre practically equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way during your travels. Whenever and wherever your desires take you.

Always there for you, wherever "there" may be.

The Unimog and Zetros take you anywhere and everywhere. Thatʼs thanks to a robust, reliable construction and particularly long maintenance intervals. However, if you ever need a bit of extra assistance, experienced colleagues at our service outlets around the world will be happy to help you. They will look after your vehicle optimally and carry out service and repair work to the same standards as our production facilities.

Technology section

  • 4×4 and 6×6 wheel combinations available ex factory with big wheels (16.00R20)
  • Special off-road chassis with permanent all-wheel drive
  • Reliable, high-torque and efficient engines with up to 240 kW (326 hp) output also meet Euro 5 standards
  • Optionally available: Allison automatic transmission
  • 3 mechanical differential locks
  • Two-stage transfer case with low-range ratio of 1:1.69 for climbing gradients of up to 70 %
  • Effective tyre pressure control system
  • Fording depth of 800 mm as standard; upon request up to 1190 mm
  • Robust steel suspension, drum brakes, disengageable ABS
  • Strengthened frame for the highest resilience and maximum body mounting flexibility

The Zetros brings you to your destination reliably.

The Zetros brings you to your destination reliably, safely and comfortably. Thatʼs because it was designed to conquer the toughest of conditions: deserts, gravelly underground and frozen surfaces. The rainforest or a tour of the worldʼs mountain peaks are equally as unproblematic. It, of course, also feels at home on regular roads. Your adventurous companion brings with it a multitude of plus points: robust and reliable technology, great driving comfort and all the expertise of Mercedes-Benz.

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