At home in places which others canʼt even reach.

Unimog sets the standard for off-road mobility.

The Unimog equips you to cope with any challenge or terrain that you encounter. Anywhere in the world.

On every journey, you can feel it: fording, hiking, climbing and conquering are all in the blood of the Unimog. And if needs be, itʼs also great on-the-road. Powerful, reliable engines offer performance of up to 160 kW (218 hp). Thanks to its almost indestructible and extremely agile off-road drive system and chassis concept, it can tackle mud, scree and sand, whilst snow, ice and suddenly flooded riverbeds can also be tackled without problem. We offer a range of individual body and implement solutions.

And best of all, drivers donʼt have to forgo the comfort and ergonomics typical of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Go your own way. And especially to those places which others canʼt even reach.

Erprobt in Sand und Wüstenzonen.

Unimog at the top.

There is hardly another vehicle that comes close to the capabilities of the Unimog – it sports an impressive fording ability of up to 1.2 m, the TireControl plus central tyre inflation system, large approach and departure angles as well as high ground clearance of around 0.5 m thanks to the use of portal axles and torque tube technology.

State-of-the-art cab with a feel-good atmosphere.

Details such as its multifunction steering wheel, hands-free mobile phone, adjustable steering column and easy-to-operate controls provide comfort similar to that of car. Auxiliary heating and engine pre-heating are also available as optional extras.

As well as the standard cab with seating for up to three people, a double cab with room for a driver and six passengers is also available. It provides enough space for an additional rear bench or two additional single seats.

At a glance: Unimog with extremey agile off-road capabilities.

  • 3 differential locks, mechanically selectable
  • Very resilient, offset frame and low vehicle centre of gravity
  • Extreme protection of the drive system using torque tube technology
  • Greatest possible diagonal twisting, extremely long spring travel and diagonal axle articulationof up to 30°
  • All-wheel drive for optimum traction
  • High ground clearance of 0.5 m thanks to portal axles
  • Short frame overhangs for large angles of approach and departure
  • Low-range ratio for gradient climbing ability of up to 100 %
  • Fording capability of up to 1.20 m
  • Effective tyre pressure control system
  • A range of different tyres and axle ratios is available
  • Operational reliability between -40 and +50 °C

Picture gallery: Unimog in the Australian Outback.

With his company Australian Unimog Expeditions Jim Curtin specializes on custom Unimog tours through the Australian Outback or transport services for companies. The highlight is the converted and in Australia unique Unimog U 5000 crew cab, in which four people can comfortably live and sleep during a tour.

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