When the journey
itself is the destination.

Eight Unimog vehicles transport tourists in New Zealand to their next adventure.

Going beyond borders. Offering adventures and experiences which exceed all expectations. Nothing more and certainly nothing less – that's what Go Orange is all about and it's flaunted proudly on their flags bearing the "Go beyond" slogan. And sure enough: the company from New Zealand offers their adventure-hungry customers from all over the world true thrills. Playing a major role in this are eight imposing Unimog trucks. They've since become somewhat of a calling card of Go Orange.

Unimog turns arriving into an adventure.

Anyone who travels around the small mountain town of Queenstown on the country's South Island tends to have one thing in mind: an action-packed time! Rafting and kayaking are particularly popular with visitors, as the impressive fjord landscape around Lake Wakatipu offers the best conditions for both.

The guides and drivers of Go Orange know where the best spots and most attractive landscapes are. They accompany the participants on the roads and waterways around Queenstown. One thing which surprises many of the tourists is that even the transport to the actual destination is an adventure, with many international visitors having never sat in a Unimog before.

With our Unimogs, we've created something which clearly stands out and offers our customers additional surprises along the way.

Emma Hansen, Head of Marketing at Go Orange

In a town whose daily grind knows only buses, the Unimogs are a real eye-catcher. But they are much more than just visually appealing advertising spaces for the adventure pros at Go Orange. "The Unimogs are a great addition to the company," rejoices Emma Hansen, Head of Marketing at Go Orange. "With our Unimogs, we've created something which clearly stands out and offers our customers additional surprises along the way."

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Comfortable, even when things start getting rough.

Surprises are guaranteed in such places as on Skippers Canyon Road. It is one of the most scenic routes in New Zealand and also the most dangerous in the world. The gravel track, which is lined on both sides by steep cliffs, is narrow and it is especially difficult to manoeuvre vehicles along it.

But the Unimog extreme off-roader comes up to this challenge – and masters it time and time again. Passengers can truly enjoy the impressive views from the comfort of the vehicle. And to ensure that this comfort is as at the appropriate level, the trucks are equipped with televisions and an intercom system. With this, the Go Orange team can communicate with passengers at any time.

Flexible transport of people and equipment

The cab, which was built by Kiwi Buses on the North Island of New Zealand, is a custom-built unit. A flexible space concept was particularly important for Go Orange, because a lot of equipment is needed for the rafting and kayaking tours. That's why the seats have been arranged in such a way that everything needed for the different excursions can always be taken on-board. Not only is it practical, but it also makes life easier for the company's employees.

Many tourists are also happy to see another important detail present in the Unimog: USB connections around the entire vehicle interior. These prevent the worst-case scenario for every tourist: running out of battery in such an impressive environment. With the eight all-rounders from Mercedes-Benz, they've thought about absolutely everything.

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