Genuine parts.

Mercedes-Benz genuine parts prove themselves.

At Unimog Service the top priority is ensuring that the customers' vehicles remain operational. Whether it's replacement parts made by a 3D printer, conversions for older Unimog models or ordering genuine parts via an online platform: Mercedes-Benz offers you diverse possibilities to replace or modernise parts of your Unimog. Your Unimog should prove of value even after many years of operation - and with genuine parts, that's not a problem at all.

The original is real quality.

Decades worth of expertise in production, customer feedback as well as extensive controls and tests: It´s all in Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and guarantees a maximum of reliability, long-lastingness and economy. Furthermore you benefit from a fast delivery of the parts due to the huge Mercedes-Benz network and the ease of installation. In no time you can rev up with your Unimog again.


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