Air-conditioning system
cleansing for Unimog.


Improved air quality thanks to air-conditioning system cleansing in your Unimog implement carrier.

Anyone who needs to give their all every day also needs to be able to breathe properly. With this in mind, air conditioning systems in commercial vehicles in particular should be regularly deep cleaned. Not only will this be beneficial to the crews, but also for the vehicle’s own technology. That’s because professional cleansing of the air conditioning system in your Mercedes-Benz Unimog also increases the performance and service life of the entire air conditioning system.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Greatest possible health and safety at work.

For a good working climate.

Health and safety at work is sometimes a matter of fine details. Where microscopic organisms can potentially harm the health of drivers and crew, you need to react responsibly. Air conditioning system cleansing with Genuine products from Mercedes-Benz can be carried out on all Unimog implement carriers and goes some way towards ensuring problem-free system operation in the long term.

A clean solution.

A regularly cleansed air conditioning system reduces the risk of health issues caused by allergens, mould or germs. These can settle in system components and lead not only to an unpleasant smell in the vehicle, but can also make vehicle occupants ill in the case of continuous exposure. Professional cleansing for Unimog implement carriers therefore includes a complete disinfection of the evaporator unit using the extremely effective Contra Sept cleaning fluid.

Clean power.

Besides the health benefits it offers, professional cleaning has further advantages: it extends the service life of the air conditioning system and ensures consistently high air conditioning performance. This means windows will steam up less and the air will be cooled more efficiently in the summer.

A breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers.

In spring and summer when pollen enters the air conditioning system, it is allergy sufferers who are the most affected. In some cases, working in the vehicle can even become impossible. Air conditioning system cleansing from Mercedes-Benz ensures pollen is thoroughly removed and as a result of this, the procedure has been certified by the strict allergy experts at ECARF institute.

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At a glance

Familiar quality from Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • thorough disinfection of the evaporator unit
  • reliable removal of bacteria and germs
  • protection against mould formation
  • improved air quality (especially relevant for allergy sufferers)
  • increased performance and longer service life of the air conditioning system