Genuine headlamp protector for the Unimog.


Protect your additional headlamps from being moved out of position or damaged.

The additional headlamps mounted on the A-pillar of your Unimog take quite a bit of punishment, particularly in mowing operations. When hit by branches or other external influences the headlamps can easily be moved out of position. Or in the worst case can even be damaged. Take the necessary precautions with the Mercedes-Benz Genuine headlamp protector.

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Safeguard operational strength.

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine headlamp protector is available for all Euro VI Unimog implement carriers. With this accessory you can prevent avoidable repair costs. And safeguard both operational strength and value retention.

Simple to fit.

The headlamp protector was designed for height-adjustable additional halogen headlamps mounted on the A-pillar of the Unimog. The accessory is easy to fit in just a few easy steps and encloses the headlamps in a metal frame. Thanks to its robust, perfect-fit design it offers reliable protection from branches and similar objects.

All-round safety.

The protective grille can be purchased separately for the driver's and the co-driver's side of the Unimog. So you can find a suitable solution for your operations and requirements.

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Familiar quality from Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • protection of additional headlamps from damage or being moved out of position by external influences
  • simple to fit
  • perfect fit

Part number

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Your lucky number: the appropriate part number in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks range.

  • Headlamp protector (driver's side)
    for U 216 - U 530

  • B 675 202 84

  • Headlamp protector (co-driver's side)
    for U 216 - U 530

  • B 675 202 88