Genuine retrofit solutions
for the mowing season.

Retrofit solution

Extended field of vision with the Mercedes-Benz mowing door, mowing seat and mowing mirror.

As safety should always be a top priority, having these items of equipment retrofitted will be a decision you won't regret. These solutions from Mercedes-Benz extend the field of vision down onto the working area in front of the Unimog and are thus exactly what you need in your mowing operations. The mowing door, mowing seat and mowing mirror were specially developed for mowing and overhead clearance cutting operations and are perfectly matched to the Unimog implement carrier.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Proactive is better than reactive.

Always one step ahead.

Indispensable municipal employees or service providers dressed in their Unimog-like bright orange work wear ensure clean and safe roads during mowing operations. To provide the best possible support to these crews, Genuine retrofit solutions from Mercedes-Benz combine both efficiency and safety. And best of all, the mowing door, mowing seat and mowing mirror can be installed in all Unimog implement carrier models.

Panoramic view through the mowing door.

The Genuine mowing door features an enlarged panoramic window on the nearside of the vehicle. It is made of laminated safety glass and increases the main field of vision at right angles to the direction of travel by providing additional fields of vision upwards, to the front and to the rear. Thanks to its windscreen wiper with parallel wiper arm, windscreen washer system and windscreen heating, Unimog users have a great view of the working area in all weather conditions. Regardless of whether the vehicle is single or double-crewed, the spacious footwell is just one of the features which ensure ample space for the operator sitting perpendicular to the direction of travel. The mowing door comes painted in orange ex works, but your Unimog service partner will be happy to assist you in obtaining other paint finishes.

Safe in the mowing seat.

The air-sprung mowing seat can be rotated by up to 90° and also allows diagonal positions to be adopted thanks to the selectable intermediate detents. To ensure ergonomic working, the driver can individually adjust the longitudinal inclination of the seat. The 3-point seat belt provides the familiar level of safety when driving, while a lap belt provides the necessary restraint in the mowing position.

Stay in control with the mowing mirror.

The mowing mirror provides the Unimog driver with a great view of the working area to the nearside of the vehicle at all times – even when the co-driver is sitting at right angles to the direction of travel. It is attached to the bumper and the A-pillar of the Unimog with three struts.

The best view.

When equipped with a mowing door, mowing seat and mowing mirror, the Unimog implement carrier really comes into its own. Both the driver and the crew enjoy safe and ergonomic working, while companies and municipalities benefit from efficient operations.

At a glance

Familiar quality of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • specially developed for mowing operations and overhead clearance cutting
  • can be used either single or double-crewed
  • mowing door with enlarged panoramic window on nearside made of laminated safety glass and equipped with parallel-arm windscreen wiper with windscreen washer system and window heating
  • air-sprung mowing seat, rotatable by up to 90°, with intermediary positions (diagonal position), longitudinal inclination adjustment and 3-point seat belt
  • the mowing mirror allows the driver to keep an eye on the working area to the nearside of the vehicle, even if the co-driver is at right angles to the direction of travel

Part number

Find the right part.

Your lucky number: the appropriate part number in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks range.

  • Mowing door retrofit
    for U 300 - U 500 and U 216 - U 530

  • A 405 720 08 03 2603

  • Mowing seat retrofit
    for U 300 - U 500 and U 216 - U 530

  • **

  • Mowing Mirror retrofit
    für U 216 - U 530

  • **

* The three mirrors affixed to the mowing door are not part of the scope of delivery. Upon retrofitting a mowing door, these can be taken from the standard door.
** To determine the specific scope of parts for your vehicle, please contact your Unimog service partner.