Unimog vehicle check
with digital test report.

Service support

Unimog Service Partners document vehicle check with the myUnimog TecCheck app.

Your Unimog Service Partner is a certified expert and thus the best contact point for optimum vehicle servicing. Using myUnimog TecCheck, your Service Partner can also offer you standardised vehicle check including digital documentation – providing the greatest possible transparency. Mercedes-Benz is providing Unimog Service Partners with the appropriate digital tool in the form of the myUnimog TecCheck app. And is thus ensuring that current checks always match the product range..

Mercedes-Benz service quality

Reliable diagnosis from experts.

As practical as the Unimog itself.

Just like any truck that is used in daily commercial vehicle operations, the Unimog should be inspected regularly to ensure it is fully functional. Trained personnel from your Unimog Service Partner carry out a diagnosis of your vehicle, digitally supported by the app. And in a standardised all-round inspection including visual and function tests they can document possible weaknesses fast and plan the required workshop visits with you.

Complete transparency.

The basis of a standardised myUnimog TecCheck is the newly developed app from Mercedes-Benz with the same name. With its help, experts from your Service Partner can carry out fast, standardised and uniformly documented diagnoses. If components are faulty, text notes and photos can be stored.

Digitally documented.

Once the check is completed, the member of the service team responsible prints out a clearly arranged test report for you or sends it to you directly by email. So that you are always up-to-date with regard to the condition of your vehicle.

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At a glance

High quality of service as always from Mercedes-Benz:

  • standardised inspection of the vehicle's condition (visual and/or function test)
  • reliable information about current faults
  • detailed, digital test report

Service enquiry

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