Genuine central locking
for Euro VI Unimog implement carrier.

Retrofit solution

Comfort at the push of a button with Mercedes-Benz central locking.

Unlock and lock your Unimog in a fraction of a second with the compact remote control: the Mercedes-Benz central locking system makes it possible. The GenuineParts kit is available for all Unimog Euro VI implement carriers for retrofitting. Simply install and make everyday work easier. More information from your Unimog Service Partner.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

Simply safe.

Available for Unimog implement carrier Euro VI.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine central locking with remote control enables simultaneous locking and unlocking of all doors at the touch of a button – for more comfort for Unimog drivers in their daily work. The system can be retrofitted in all Unimog implement carriers of the current model series.

Greater security for driver, vehicle and cargo.

When opening the vehicle at the push of a button, only the driver's door is always unlocked first. The co-driver's door cannot be opened until the button is pressed again. This double-click process means that the system prevents situations where unauthorised persons could enter via the co-driver's door if the driver happened to be distracted. And in the event of unintentional unlocking, the central locking system is predictive and locks the vehicle again automatically after 25 seconds.

At a glance

Familiar quality from Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

  • Compact remote control
  • Convenient, fast unlocking and locking of the vehicle
  • Unlocks step by step (driver door first, then co-driver door)
  • Automatically relocks after 25 seconds in the case of unintentional unlocking
    via the remote control
  • The vehicle doors can still be locked or unlocked with the vehicle key