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Straightforward and convenient, that's Daimler Truck WebParts in a nutshell. Using the online portal, business clients can easily order Genuine Parts on the internet. Around the clock, and at service partners of their choice. Regardless of whether it's Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, Genuine Spare Parts or Genuine Accessory Parts. With WebParts, users can place their order at the most convenient time for them. And they can also do that directly from the workshop.

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The entire Mercedes-Benz portfolio at a glance.

Mercedes-Benz WebParts offers customers access to the manufacturer's entire parts catalogue (parts information) and therefore to over 650,000 Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. 365 days a year, 24/7.

If a customer uses other Daimler Truck vehicles apart from the Unimog, they can simply order from several different dealerships in WebParts. Information about VIN identification, delivery costs and installation add up to a full degree of transparency. Furthermore, availability and prospective supply date are displayed for each individual part.

For better cost planning, WebParts offers an overview of all previous orders. And for regularly required supplies, ordering templates can be used and re-used.

Secure your price advantages.

Online, WebParts customers retain the terms and conditions they have individually stipulated with their Daimler Truck partner. Furthermore, they draw benefits from price discounts and from each current sales campaign. They receive the according invoices through their service partner, and payment details remain those stipulated between orderer and vendor.

Finding and ordering Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts - here's how it works:

Access via individual login data.

Currently, the online ordering option is only available to corporations or registered merchants. To be able to use WebParts, merely a computer or smartphone with internet access and the personal WebParts login data are required. Customers receive this data either through their service partner or after a one-time registration.

One-click access to over 650,000 Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts!

Clear and intuitive user interface.

Access to WebParts takes place via the central login of the Daimler After-Sales Platform. Users reach their personal start page after entering their username and password. From there, they have one-click access to all functions and content.

Placing an order follows a simple, intuitive principle: place the requested part in your cart, include the header data corresponding to the order, then review and send off the order.

Because only Genuine Parts stand for genuine quality.

As a traditional manufacturer with decades worth of expertise in production and through customer feedback, Daimler Truck has the highest standards for its own Genuine Parts, Genuine Spare Parts and Genuine Accessory Parts.

Unimog Service & Parts.

All parts are thus developed, built and tested for the respective vehicles. And thanks to the high quality of materials and manufacturing, they excel in terms of durability, reliability, precision of fit and also efficiency.

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