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Unimog GenuineParts impress Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority.

You can feel the enthusiasm when Norbert Eusemann talks about his Unimog. The U 400 is the 57 year-old's fourth model since he began his duties at the Volkach site of Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority (WSA) in 1981. His interest in the Unimog began when he was eight years old and later his passion became his profession.

The Mercedes-Benz Service has definitely earned its star.


Norbert Eusemann, Unimog driver, Waterways and Shipping Authority Schweinfurt

So it's not surprising that the man from Germany's Franconia region enjoys his work. He explains that the Waterways and Shipping Authority is very much like the motorway works yard but for waterways. His area of operation is a 50 km stretch of the Main river between Schweinfurt and Kitzingen with its five barrages. This branch of Schweinfurt's WSA is also responsible for the 11 km oxbow and the Main canal.

Norbert Eusemann's most important work equipment is his Unimog U 400 which, in eight years of service, has not yet required any big repairs or spare parts. Even the brake components on the Unimog U 400, which are known to be subject to a great deal of wear and tear, are still the original parts – proof of the especially long service life of Mercedes Benz GenuineParts.

In operation all year round – wherever the Unimog is required.

In the picturesque surroundings of the Franconian wine-growing area, Norbert Eusemann covers a broad range of tasks with his Unimog U 400. Many of his jobs change with the seasons. In spring and summer, the experienced driver transports almost everything that the branch needs to maintain the waterways with the Unimog – particularly large armour stones, but also sand and gravel. The material is stored centrally and when required is picked up with a trailer and brought to the section where it is needed. Up to 9 t can be transported in this way.

From November to March, trees and shrubs have to be cut back. Norbert Eusemann frees the channel of the Main and the Main canal from obstructing branches using a crane body and a winch. And in winter this reliable team frees roads with a snow plough.

Prepared for an emergency in seconds.

And then there are also emergencies. Large-scale damage must be tackled quickly. The Unimog is used on the banks of the river to tow stranded vehicles. During such operations, Norbert Eusemann doesn't only benefit from the power of the Unimog, but also from the vehicle's off-road capability. "The terrain along the Altmain river in Volkach is not easily accessible in parts", the Unimog fan explains. "A regular truck would have no chance."


Long maintenance intervals, few downtimes.

Despite intensive operations and more than 180,000 driven kilometres, Norbert Eusemann rarely sees his Unimog in the workshop. "We have absolutely no problems with the Unimog," the man from Franconia says. "No big repairs have been necessary since it was purchased eight years ago." As a result, expensive downtimes have been reduced to a minimum.

Norbert Eusemann only drives to Herold in Würzburg, 30 km away, for the usual maintenance work every 1200 operating hours. The Unimog driver is very satisfied with the Unimog service partner there: "Everything goes off without a hitch – from sales to the spare parts store and the workshop. We're in very good hands."

According to Norbert Eusemann his experience with regard to the availability of parts for his first three Unimog which he drove prior to this one was also very positive: "When our service partner orders spare parts in the morning, they are generally there by the afternoon."

Norbert Eusemann's current Unimog U 400 is the fourth Unimog during his career.
A departure check is an integral part of the Franconian's daily work routine.
The Unimog U 400 operates along various sections of the Main river and Main canal.
The compact dimensions of the Unimog are very advantageous during daily operations – for example on the ferry.
A ferry instead of a bridge: to avoid greater distances, Norbert Eusemann crosses the river by ferry just like the many cyclists on their tours.
The white Unimog U 400 is in operation for the Waterways and Shipping Authority at Schweinfurt all year round.
The Unimog Service has earned its star just like the vehicle itself, says Norbert Eusemann.
Norbert Eusemann changes the equipment on his Unimog – depending on the application.
The Unimog driver transports loads of up to 9 t with his vehicle.
Norbert Eusemann controls the grabber with a remote control strapped to his body.
Heavy loads of stones for securing the river banks often have to be transported.
Stefan Dülk from Herold, the certified Unimog service partner, has known Norbert Eusemann and his Unimog for quite a while and is ready to offer advice and active support for questions and problems at any time.
Norbert Eusemann's current Unimog U 400 is the fourth Unimog during his career.

Minimum wear thanks to an economic driving style.

Norbert Eusemann considers very little wear as one of the factors for rare visits to the workshop. As a result from day one, his Unimog U 400 has had the same brake discs and brakepads even after 8000 operating hours. According to the Franconian, the decisive reason for this is the fitting accuracy of the GenuineParts. And not least due to an economic driving style.

The Unimog driver skilfully uses the engine brake, making sure that he drives at a favourable engine speed. Using the techniques that he learned during driver training at the Unimog plant, he is hoping to achieve a personal goal: he wants to drive his Unimog U 400 another eight years – until he retires. But involvement in the Unimog probably won't end there for Norbert Eusemann. This is because he is also busy with the all-rounder on a private level too; he visits events and even owns his own Unimog.

Tips from Norbert Eusemann:

  • Anticipatory driving style
  • Use the engine brake
  • Keep an eye on the engine speed
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