The Unimog:
Does it all at once.

The Unimog as a generalist in municipal road construction.

350 kilometres of road per year: Anyone that wants to manage this workload needs efficient construction machinery. That's why Gebrüder Stolz GmbH & Co. KG from Hammelburg rely on the support of a real all-rounder - the Unimog U 530. Among other things, the equipment carrier takes on the important task of a banquet finisher and, with its versatility, has quickly become the road builders' favourite vehicle.

Hammelburg, at the foot of the Lower Franconian Rhön, is a tranquil little town in the district of Bad Kissingen with a population of just under 11,000. The oldest wine town in Franconia is one of the 30 oldest towns in Germany. The largest employer in the town is the German armed forces. Quite a few basic conscripts as well as regular and professional soldiers remember their time on the unique military training area Bonnland.

Hammelburg, where tradition is writ large, is home to a company that was founded in 1875 and today, in its fifth generation, employs over 400 people. Gebrüder Stolz GmbH & Co. KG has grown from a small bricklaying business into a major player in the extensive region. Earthworks, road construction and structural and civil engineering, traffic safety, building restoration and holdings in asphalt mixing plants form the core of the group of companies.

A little Stolz is a must.

Stolz's four asphalt crews process around 350,000 tonnes of the black road surface per year. Roughly calculated, the men build about 350 kilometres of road yearly. The last act in road construction: the verges. "Load-bearing verges are very important," says Bernhard Stolz. After all, if you're not careful for a moment or have to swerve a little, you don't want to end up in the ditch right away. The main task of the 1.50 m wide gravel strips next to the roadway is to drain water quickly. For this purpose, the material, which usually comes from regional quarries (grain size 0 to 45), is laid with a slope of 6 % at the higher and 12 % at the lower edge of the roadway.

What other road builders do with subcontractors, the Stolz team does on its own. The new roadbed paver based on a Unimog U 530, one of a total of eight Unimogs in the fleet, was equipped by AS Baugeräte: in front the conveyor unit for the crushed material, at the rear the plate compactor with a sweeping brush. Indispensable ex works: VarioPilot, i.e. the exchangeable left-right steering. The water in the tank on the platform is used for better compaction of the material.

"The U 530 has 4-wheel steering, which makes it very manoeuvrable. The vehicle can move itself from construction site to construction site on its own axle. A low-loader is not necessary. So the Unimog beats any other vehicle," enthuses authorised signatory and technical manager Bernhard Stolz. And at the end of the year, after about 700 kilometres of banqueting, the road builders warble their song: "A little Stolz is a must ...".

The Unimog beats any other vehicle.

Bernhard Stolz, Technical manager, Gebrüder Stolz GmbH & Co. KG

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