Proven technology reinvented.

Mobile wine bottling with the Unimog as a tractor.

Practical for smaller winegrowers without their own bottling machine: Martin Englhart, a viticulture technician from Austria, has overhauled a decommissioned filling system and attached it to a technically fully equipped Unimog U 219. Since then he has been driving from one winery to the next with what is probably Austria's most spectacular mobile filling system. His "wine wagon" shines in terms of comfort, driving safety and transport volume.

Filling system to go.

Martin Englhart from Austria is a viticulture technician. His work regularly involves dealing with filling systems. The technology fascinated him. He often imagined running a mobile system to help smaller winegrowers. And as things would have it, his dream came true. At some point, Martin heard about a decommissioned mobile filling system belonging to the machinery cooperative in Spitz in the Wachau region.

Wine in a new bottle.

The system for sale was in alarmingly bad condition. But this was Martin’s chance: it took six months to get the system working again. Martin dismantled the entire machine and put it back together. Only the framework – and the machine’s job – is still original.

Everything else besides was rethought, remade, optimised and in some cases completely redesigned according to his own ideas. Finally, Martin Engelhart and his helpers got what is probably the most spectacular mobile filling system in Austria on the road. And it not only looks impressive, it also sets new standards of quality and efficiency.


Fully equipped.

However, after two years and many thousands of kilometres on a tractor, Engelhart decided to invest in additional comfort, driving safety and transport volume. This would help him to cover the long distances often required when travelling to Lower Austria and Burgenland. Up to three fillings per day (!) are planned for the season. This also explains why he ordered this smallest Unimog model, an U 219, with a full set of technical features. Apart from the engine, these include a PTO shaft and front PTO, front and rear power lifts, differential lock in the front axle and a lot of additional lighting.

Versatile wine wagon.

The drivers’ suspension seat, automated manual gearbox and multiple cameras all around are dedicated to comfort and help the driver to manoeuvre with great precision. This new Unimog has the smallest tyre size available for the best possible manoeuvrability. In order to make even better use of the vehicle’s qualities in future, the filling system will be equipped with a truck axle and thus be approved for use on the motorway. Cheers!


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Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:
Pappas Holding GmbH

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