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The Unimog U 430 transports special vehicles for the agricultural college in Hollabrunn.

In Hollabrunn, Lower Austria, a new Unimog U 430 is parked in the yard of the LFS agricultural college alongside high-tech tractors, complex seed drills, state-of-the-art threshers and lots of other specialist equipment. Its mission is transporting machines between the seven locations of the teaching and research institute.

In the right place at the right time.

With the help of field trials, LFS experts are developing and testing new production methods just north of Vienna. Their declared aim is to improve production and make it more ecological – for example in terms of the use of fertilisers and pesticides, as well as by testing new cultivation varieties.

For this purpose, the researchers operate experimental plots of between 10 and 300 m² throughout Lower Austria. This is a logistical challenge, because the highly technical special vehicles of the agricultural college must always be at the right place at the right time in order to be able to guarantee a controlled testing procedure. A task that requires a flexible transport vehicle with which even off-road trips are no problem.

Flexible tractor unit with special trailer coupling.

Franz Ecker, Head of Operations and Coordinator of Testing Technology for the province of Lower Austria, has already tried out several vehicles for the transport of his agricultural machinery, including a used Unimog. The all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz was so convincing in practice that a new Unimog U 430 has now been purchased – tailored to the needs of LFS by the Pappas Unimog sales partner.

The orange Unimog U 430 has an automated transmission and a complete range of comfort equipment. There is sufficient space on the loading area of the tipping platform for tools or spare parts, which can be secured with a mandatory tensioning net.

Fruit harvest with the Unimog at Agrartransporte Lauber.

An equipment highlight is a height-adjustable trailer block from Scharmüller. This allows easy switching between different trailers and is now in demand not only in the agricultural segment but also in municipal operations. The trailer coupling can cope with an increased drawbar load. A further advantage of the system: It can be ordered directly together with the Unimog and therefore comes with an ex-works warranty.

Driving on weekends and on the motorway.

With 220 kW (299 hp), the modern and economical Euro VI engine delivers sufficient power reserves to ensure that no compromises have to be made even off-road. In addition to its versatility, easy handling, high pulling power and excellent traction, the Unimog also convinces with advantages linked to its registration. In Austria, for example, it isn't affected by the ban on trucks being driven on weekends, and can also be used without restrictions for transport tasks on the motorway.

The Unimog is the first vehicle I have never had to repair.

Franz Ecker, Operations Manager and Coordinator of Testing Technology, LFS agricultural college


Franz Ecker, who has already gained a great deal of experience with different vehicle concepts and manufacturers in his high-tech fleet, highlights yet another special feature of the Unimog: “It’s the first vehicle I have never had to repair. This is the level of reliability we need when machines have to be transported quickly and economically between the fields.”

The Unimog increases profitability in agriculture.

The field trials on the teaching and experimental farms of the agricultural colleges in Lower Austria serve the education and training of school pupils and adults alike. In addition to teaching, specialist advice is of great importance. The necessary know-how isn't just acquired in serious field tests, but also put into practice in successful tests. And that fits well with the practical Unimog.

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