East Westphalians are not jealous folk.

Jobst Weitkamp has bought the first large-engine Unimog in the region.

Finally, the day had come. The Weitkamp family from Bünde won’t forget the day in February when the new, leaf-green (RAL 6002) Unimog U 435 arrived at the farm. They were so excited about the new vehicle. After 11 years, it was high time to retire the predecessor, a U 400 with 10 thousand operating hours on the clock, from the Weitkamp farm. The new addition was the first Unimog with the new engine type to be delivered in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The expert for experts.

“We already knew that this Unimog would be the boss’s vehicle”, says Jobst Weitkamp with a grin. He runs the farm and cultivates 230 hectares of arable land. The Weitkamps grow barley, wheat, rapeseed, beets and maize. The second in command in the company is son Jan Philipp. The father and son duo are supported in their daily business by an 8-strong team.

Logistics in focus.

A second mainstay of the Weitkamps is their agricultural contractor business. They cultivate 150 hectares for this purpose – exclusively maize. It is grown for a biogas plant and also generates additional tasks, such as crop protection measures and spreading liquid manure. “We use our Unimog every day, above all in logistics”, explains Jobst Weitkamp. “We drive everything to the edge of the field with the Unimog. From there, a standard agricultural tractor takes over.”

Unimog in agriculture: That's how efficiency works.

The new Unimog U 435 has a large engine and an output of 260 kW/354 hp. It supplements the Weitkamp’s fleet of green Mercedes-Benz Actros: three 1846s with hydro all-wheel drive are also on the road all day long to deliver seeds, pesticides, machines and, for example, slurry to wherever it is needed.

The Unimog brings flexibility to our fleet.

Jobst Weitkamp, Managing Director, Weitkamp Agrarservice

Also on the road in winter service.

“The Unimog brings flexibility to our fleet”, enthuses Jobst Weitkamp. “It’s fast, multi-functional, has the necessary power and we can keep it working all year round.” For this reason, the Unimog is also equipped with a municipal mounting plate at the front. This is needed, for example, to attach the Schmidt snowplough. After all, snow ploughing in winter is yet another service offered by the family-owned company. The Unimog also carries a Schmidt automatic gritter on its back in winter.

Thanks to a payload of up to 23 t, the Unimog also transports rental excavators with ease.
The agricultural tyres with tyre pressure control make the U 435 a workhorse on all.
On the road in East Westphalia: The Unimog produces 260 kW/354 hp.
Jobst Weitkamp uses his Unimog mainly for logistics.
The Weitkamps are proud of their new U 435.
Thanks to a payload of up to 23 t, the Unimog also transports rental excavators with ease.

Real eye-catcher.

There is no weather or ground that is too demanding for this leaf-green all-rounder: 24-inch agricultural tyres, tyre pressure control system, rear power lift, hydraulic PTO shaft, ISOBUS, LED revolving beacons, raised headlights and roll bars will make many a colleague envious. But East Westphalians are not by nature jealous folk.

And so Jobst Weitkamp waves cheerfully to colleagues and passers-by as he transports a rental excavator on an impressive low-loader trailer (up to 23 t payload), pulls his 26-m³ Kotte slurry tanker or uses the 3,200-litre Inuma body-mounted sprayer (21 m working width).

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