Special decals lend Unimog conspicuous camouflage look.

Grand entrance instead of discreet departure: if camouflage becomes eye-catching, then whoever is wearing it needs to have a lot of confidence. No problem for the Unimog U 430 from the Ahlborn Unimog general distributor, as the all-rounder impresses in its role as a demonstration vehicle not only thanks to its unique look, but also due to its high performance.

A workhorse in any territory.

The Unimog has certainly earned the nickname workhorse, which is also proudly displayed on the driver's door. The 300-hp demonstration vehicle, which is equipped with a six-cylinder engine, was purchased in summer 2019 in order to demonstrate the special truck's versatile application options to potential customers, and since then it has been displaying tireless commitment at a wide range of events.

And the outer values matter, too: "We use the decals to incorporate the characteristic colours of the sectors that work with the Unimog," explains Andreas Lein, who also chose the camouflage colours on the Unimog U 430. He says that orange as the base colour represents the municipal sector, lush green stands for agriculture and pine green for forestry.

By no means all show.

As the figurehead for Unimog the Ahlborn demonstration vehicle, which must have the ability to impress farmers and municipal engineers in equal measure, is fitted with a multitude of special technical features. Demonstrating all the strengths of a Unimog – this is where the Unimog U 430 really puts in the work: it starts with the dual-mode steering which boasts a steering wheel and pedals that can be moved to the right-hand side of the cab if necessary. "This means that a good view of a mower head is still possible even in deep ditches and potential hazards can be detected sooner," explains Andreas Lein, who is always there on site during demonstrations by his camouflaged Unimog.

Optimum oil supply for the connected implements is ensured thanks to the load-sensing hydraulics. They use the load signal to detect the precise quantity of oil required. Speaking of implements: from the front mulcher to the mowing head, it is possible to couple all the attachments that are needed in the agriculture, forestry and municipal sectors. This is very well received at vehicle demonstrations, during which potential buyers' existing implements are also mounted.

Stay calm and stay strong.

In off-road terrain it is above all the permanent all-wheel drive with a lockable interaxial and axle differential that provides support. It ensures that the drive force is distributed to the wheels according to the respective tyre traction. When it comes to manoeuvrability the short wheelbase of 3150 mm is indispensable. A further technical advantage in off-road terrain: a slower speed is often called for in heavy-duty work. This is no reason to forgo efficiency. "The Unimog U 430 can operate without clutch wear thanks to the engageable hydrostat drive, which is a huge advantage when working up to 25 km/h and even up to 50 km/h when driving on the road," says Andreas Lein. Another highlight is the hydraulic power take-off shaft, which has an output of 45 hp for operating water pumps – the ideal support for floods, in fire-service operations and when pumping out ponds and stretches of water.


Career in municipal service.

For over a year the Unimog U 430 was the star employee at the Ahlborn general distributor. But now it is time for the colourful decals to be removed, as the Haldensleben district road maintenance depot in Saxony-Anhalt has acquired the demonstration vehicle as support for its team. When building new roads, in winter service and maintenance it will carry out its work in bright orange. What will the new demonstration vehicle at Ahlborn look like? Andreas Lein will no doubt come up with something.

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