Baumdienst Karle has four Unimog vehicles in service.

Now that the days are getting longer and above all warmer again, the team of Volker Karle from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler can catch their breath. Because the men from Baumdienst Karle have their high season in the winter months. That is when there are no birds breeding, so tree felling is permitted between October and March.

Compact power packs.

The company has seven employees, and practically all their work involves trees: crown cutting, crown bracing, removing deadwood, felling. The municipality is a grateful client. "If danger looms, we have to get out there quickly in order to expertly remove trees that look like they might fall down", explains Volker Karle. He founded his firm in 1989. He gave up the trade of electrician that he had trained in, in order to devote all of his time to his hobby, arboriculture. For this he needs heavy-duty machinery.

Karle is kitted out with four Unimog vehicles and lots of detachable parts – no tree, no branch that has to go can escape his attention. "It's mainly the compactness of the Unimog that is important to us. We have to drive in parks and cemeteries. We also have a lot of vineyards to navigate here. The Unimog is perfect for them with its width of just 2.20 metres." Volker Karle swears by his four power packs: two U 400, one U 429 and one U 529. All painted in municipal orange RAL 2011, they have to deliver top performance precisely when needed. Such as when the workers are scaling great heights. A Unimog U 400 is equipped with a Hiab crane, on which a work basket is mounted.

Flexible thanks to attachments.

The second U 400 tows the Schliesing chopper that processes the branches and trunks, turning them into wood chips there and then. "This means that we can complete virtually every order with just two vehicles in minimal space", enthuses Volker Karle.

The U 529 also has a crane. The Palfinger outrigger is also designed to take a work basket. With the U 429 the mulcher from Dücker is driven, for example, as is the three-point cable winch from Ritter and the Vermeex root milling machine. All Unimog models have Schuster power lifts on which the two front choppers (23 and 30 cm) can be mounted. When there are further floods

Project implemented with Unimog general distributor partner:
KBM Motorfahrzeuge GmbH & Co. KG


Helpers during floods.

When there are further floods in the Ahr Valley the Karle troupe has to be called out: during the historic flooding in 2016 they were commissioned by the water authority to fill and dispose of more than 100 containers of driftwood, each with a capacity of 116 m . Trees are very much Volker Karle's calling. He knows all the species – whatever their size and age. There is just one variety of tree that he is regrettably yet to find: the one on which employees grow – because he could certainly do with a few more of those right now.

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