The Goliath among
implement carriers.

Unimog U 530: the top model in detail.

With 300 hp under the bonnet, the Unimog U 530 is the largest and most powerful of the Mercedes-Benz implement carriers. It sets high standards with its impressive power – and is also a heavyweight when it comes to being efficient and environmentally friendly. It weighs up to 16.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and, at 3,900 mm, has the longest wheelbase of any Unimog implement carrier.

Numerous standardised interfaces ensure that the Unimog U 530 can adapt to a wide variety of devices and is thus perfectly prepared for numerous other uses in addition to transport operations. In no time at all, for example, the brush for cleaning roadside marker posts can be replaced with a mower arm or a pouring arm, or instead of a fertiliser spreader, a snow blower can be mounted in winter. This makes the Goliath of the implement carriers not only powerful in terms of performance, but also a real miracle of efficiency.

The Unimog U 530: the top model with the most powerful motorization.

Its year-round usage options push the vehicle utilisation rate to remarkable levels – with low fuel consumption. The Unimog U 530 is particularly economical, thanks to the current generation of Euro VIe engines. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz drive technology meets all criteria in terms of exhaust technology. The key factors here are the powerful cooling system and the exhaust emission treatment, which reduces nitrogen oxides to a minimum. The Euro VIe engine is also particularly quiet and easy to maintain.

Vehicle features of the Unimog U 530.

  • Max. permissible overall weight: 16.5 tonnes
  • Engine: OM 936
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Output: 220 kW/299 hp
  • Wheelbase: 3,900 mm
  • Ground clearance: 379 mm
  • Ramp angle: 24°
  • Slope angle: 35°
  • Turning circle: 16.9 m
  • Clear view driver's cab and seating position behind the front axle
  • Permanent all-wheel drive with lockable longitudinal differential

The extensive equipment ex-factory in detail:


If specialists are needed: Special equipment for the Unimog U 530.

The Unimog U 530 does not shy away from any challenge. That is why, depending on the area of use, a whole range of extras are available which can be integrated into the vehicle making it a complete specialist in the industry in question.

Digital interfaces.

The interfaces of the Unimog U 530 can be used not only to physically attach devices – but also digitally. It is equipped with communication interfaces, so that every operation of the all-rounder can be evaluated centrally in real time to record operating data, as required.

Mow, maintain, vacuum – all in one go: Unimog U 530 in Switzerland.

In addition, the digital interface enables application programming and can, for example, optimise the application rate of fertiliser with the aid of sensors – in a way that is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Steerable rear axle.

One of the features developed especially for agricultural use is the Unimog U 530's steerable rear axle.

Unimog U 530 in agricultural use at Raiffeisen.

It prevents plants from being needlessly driven over in fields when turning, thus enabling the special truck to be operated with more care to the fields, for example during fertiliser spreading: The rear tyres pull into the driving track at a wide angle without destroying any plants. At the same time, the new axle makes steering even more comfortable and precise.

End cross-member..

The Unimog U 530 has been specially designed for large trailer loads – and thanks to the new end cross-members is even suitable for a bearing load of up to 3 tonnes. When fully loaded, the equipment carrier can handle a maximum permissible total trailer weight of 27 tonnes.

Unimog U 530 is suitable for large trailers.

This equipment variant is available for trailers with a forced steering system, which keeps the team manoeuvrable and on track behind the Unimog, even in narrow passages. This requires approval as a tractor unit for agricultural/forestry applications, or as an agricultural tractor. This means that agricultural transportation benefits in particular from this functionality.

PTO shafts and mounting plates.

As an option, the Unimog U 530 can be equipped with front and rear mounting plates and the corresponding PTO shafts. With the 220 kW rear power take-off shaft, real expert tasks can be performed: impressive chippers turn 65 cm thick logs into smaller logs in no time at all, while tarmac cutters use modern technology to maintain forest and agricultural paths.

Sascha Voss carries out forestry work and earthwork with an Unimog U 530.

The front PTO of up to 160 kW drives attachments such as snow blowers directly from the engine's power train and ensures high torque transmission and very high levels of efficiency – even during continuous operation.

VarioPower hydraulics.

As an alternative to the working hydraulics, the Unimog U 530 can be equipped with a particularly powerful power drive with two circuits, each with 125 litre hydraulic flow and 280 bar pressure, producing up to 58 kW of power per circuit. This is ideal for driving continuous appliances. VarioPower also saves fuel, space and weight, compared to external diesel drives or slip-on pumps, and can be easily removed to further improve the vehicle's payload. The system is operated via buttons on the steering wheel and is fully monitored via the instrument cluster display.

Unimog U 530 in operation with master landscape-gardener Stefan Schatz.

Load-sensing hydraulic system.

Another helpful add-on is the load-sensing regulator: with an oil flow rate of up to 110 l/min and a pressure of 240 bar, the engine and power take-off management continuously adapts the power take-off at the engine to the user's needs which makes it particularly powerful and fuel-efficient, without jolting or fluctuations.

Tyre pressure control system.

Indispensable for off-road use:with the TireControl plus tyre pressure control system for fast switching between on- and off-road driving. This ensures particularly soil-friendly use in agriculture as well as fast travel on soft forest soil or rapid transportation on paved roads. When the ground is soft, the driver releases air from the tyres, on the one hand increasing traction whilst on the other preventing the tyres from sinking into the fragile ground.

Back on solid ground, the tyres can be reinflated and are then ready for speeds of up to 89 km/h on the motorway – where they ensure a smooth ride with low tyre wear.

Other optional extras available for the Unimog U 530.

Differential lock on front axle

Frame implement fittings

VarioPilot® changeable steering system

Hydrostatic drive 0 – 50 km/h

Automatic transmission (EAS)

All-wheel steering

Working and creep speed group

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