Unimog peps up concrete

Hamburger concrete has two new Unimog U 530 featuring special body mountings which have enhanced its on-site operations.

Both are highly individual units – quite unique in fact. Because Gerhard Hamburger knows what he wants. He had quite clear ideas in mind when ordering his two Unimog – as detailed by his Unimog salesman Frieder Füllemann.

Two silver arrows for tough applications.

What emerged from their consultations were two 'silver arrows' which offer a unique range of uses: A U 530 as a tractor rig, and a U 530 with a crane mounted on a Unimog for the first time in such a form – yet another first for the all-rounder from Mercedes.

Gerhard Hamburger is very much aware of the special features of his treasured assets: Both are liveried in metallic grey. 'Hamburger 1', as he calls his tractor rig, features large 495/70 tyres on 24-inch wheels. They ensure traction even on unsurfaced ground such as sandy construction sites. The secret lies in a two-tonne ballast weight discreetly built-in to the platform bed, which delivers maximum traction even in low-loader transport operations. It also features a rear-end mounted platform with a sight triangle. The good all-round visibility and compact dimensions of the Unimog are of particular benefit when manoeuvring around tight construction sites.

The 'Hamburger 2' unit is also a specialist: A crane-Unimog fitted with a MKG crane, on which little recalls the features of a mass-production vehicle. The crane is a custom build comprising two different crane units tailored to individual customer wishes by MKG. The crane system thus has a jib length of up to 23 metres horizontally, with a maximum lift of 33 metre-tonnes.

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From being a little boy, I was allowed to ride along in the sturdy, quaint-looking Unimog, and I quickly became a real fan.


Gerhard Hamburger, concrete engineer, Hamburger concrete

Unimog: standard in the family business.

Mammendorf-born Gerhard Hamburger is a true Bavarian – and a successful concrete engineer. When he took over his family business just under 10 years ago, Unimog had already long been an integral part of the specialist company's vehicle fleet. It all began back in the 1970s, when Hamburger's father got to know and appreciate the benefits of the versatile off-roader Unimog for his farming operation. When he subsequently – and more or less by chance – expanded his business to construction works, Unimog were always the workhorses which ensured its commercial success. "From being a little boy, I was allowed to ride along in the sturdy, quaint-looking Unimog, and I quickly became a real fan," Gerhard Hamburger recalls.

Unimog U 430 in year-round operations on construction sites in Austria

In the video: This is how Gerhard Hamburger uses his Unimog U 530 in construction.

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Only concrete construction nowadays.

Today Gerhard Hamburger's business is solely in concrete construction. Water-tight basements are his flagship product. The enthusiastic entrepreneur runs his business with the aid of a team of 10 highly committed and efficient staff. "We build 60 to 80 basements a year, as well as specialist foundations for large-scale clients," Hamburger reports, revealing the core elements of his business. His vehicle fleet also comprises two construction site trucks with large mounted cranes, though the success of the business is founded primarily on the economical attributes of the Unimog. "The Unimog are simply more flexible. Whether in tight construction site spaces or on rough terrain, or where frequent manoeuvring is required, I repeatedly find that my grey Unimog gets me wherever the big trucks can't reach."

Source: Unimog Magazine 1/2017
Text: Christian Bonk
Photos: Henrik Morlock

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