"None of my employees will need to lift heavy things again."

How a U 530 became a recruitment tool.

Michael Bürsner from Immendingen in the administrative district of Tuttlingen runs a regular heating and plumbing installation company. Well, not quite! How many heating engineers do you know who turn up at your house in a Unimog? "Buying a Unimog was a great idea," says Michael Bürsner happily. That's because almost everyone in the region recognises his black U 530 with its impressive 299 hp of power under the bonnet and its equally black 26-metre Palfinger crane.

Raised on the family farm.

Even just the livery is impressive: the word "Monster" is very conspicuously emblazoned across the cab in a bright neon green. The power which the energy drink of the same name promises all those who drink it is well and truly already circulating in Michael Bürsner's veins: he grew up on his parents' farm, surrounded by machines which have always fascinated him. And ten years ago when he became self-employed, the first thing he bought was a telescopic handler with six-metre outreach. But this quickly became superfluous and was replaced by an eleven-metre model. And because Power Michael and his company were now especially well-known, he decided to add the Unimog and a 26-metre crane into the equation. The requirements placed on his company have become even more demanding.

"As a result, I even receive applications from great professionals."

"In the meantime, word has got round that my employees rarely have to lift anything heavy. Boilers, radiators, construction materials – all of that gets moved around using the crane. As a result, I even get some truly great professionals applying for jobs," explains the plumbing, heating and ventilation engineer excitedly. With his team, he repairs chimneys, builds photovoltaic systems and delivers baths and whirlpools – all on the hook of his black "Monster". The Unimog implement carrier has a small turning circle, which makes it ideal for getting flexibly to sites in residential areas.

Always ready for use immediately.

Michael's U 530 is used around 70 percent of the time for his own company's work. But during the remaining 30 percent, the Unimog is used to help other tradespeople: putting up walls for a carpenter or tearing down a balcony for core drilling – Power Michael is always pleased to be of help. His Unimog U 530 has almost the full range of equipment installed. Above the trailer coupling, he had an additional box installed for carrying tensioning straps and chains. At the front, an appropriate ballast has been added to provide the required level of stability. On the platform, he also always carries the work basket and pallet forks with him. "I'm always immediately ready for action – I don't have to wait on others and can head out into any terrain at any time – plus the Unimog gives me the additional guarantee that I won't get stuck there and can get back safely each and every time," says a pleased Michael Bürsner.

Saturday is father-son Unimog day.

His recruiting has also been particularly successful within his own family too: son Nico (6) loves the Unimog just as much as his father. Saturdays are father-son-Unimog days – come what may! The second-generation boss of the company has made that very clear.

Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:
Knoblauch GmbH

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