Robust growth engine.

Construction, transportation, supply: Gorica Industries relies on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros.

Industry and trade have been booming in the Middle East and North Africa for decades: gigantic construction projects are being implemented, energy supply routes extended and projects for long-distance logistics realised. Gorica Industries LLC, a manufacturer of trailers, semitrailers, fuel tanks and cement mixer vehicles with its headquarters in Dubai, has established its business at the heart of this growth region. For many years now the company has relied on vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, and on the Zetros, the robust offroad truck, in particular.

Operational versatility.

Very often the development, construction and supply of areas that are difficult to access don’t just call for roadworthiness. Tough conditions require a tough truck. Here, the Zetros really shows its strengths: every one of its features is designed for extreme challenges.

The special truck’s spectrum of applications is huge thanks to its diverse range of body implements: they are used in construction, logistics, mining, the oil and gas industry – and even when time is of the essence, for transporting perishable goods, for example. And in doing so the Zetros functions as a semitrailer truck or is equipped with a crane, tank or tipper flatbed.


Powerful in difficult terrain.

The high-performance Zetros tows Gorica’s trailers and machines without compromise on tours across rugged terrain and sandy surfaces. With its permanent all-wheel drive it exerts up to 510 hp ex factory not only on roads but on any type of surface. Thanks to the optional tyre pressure control system in the Zetros, the driver can adjust tyre pressure at the press of a button so that switching from the road onto sand is child’s play.

No matter whether the Mercedes-Benz offroad truck is driving on gravel roads, construction sites or the last few difficult metres in a quarry – with its reinforced dampers, high ground clearance and long wheelbase it always delivers where other trucks fail.

Legendary endurance.

The Zetros is not only designed for the toughest tasks, but shows impressive simplicity wherever it is needed: due to its uncomplicated electronics and ease of maintenance the truck is popular with both users and mechanics. The truck is robust and equipped with components specifically designed for simple repair; as a result a Zetros spends a lot less time in the workshop because many repairs can be carried out directly on site.

And should repair work be necessary, Mercedes-Benz has been successful for years with its global service network and the worldwide availability of spare parts. Thus the Zetros not only demonstrates a good performance on a daily basis, but has developed into a growth engine in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jobs under extreme conditions.

Gorica was founded in 1990 as a company for commercial vehicles, trailers and truck bodies. The motto "Passionate about Trailers" is an indication of the company’s aspiration to master a huge spectrum of tasks in extreme conditions. Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are reliable partners for these tests of endurance: every year Gorica builds around 1500 commercial vehicles based on the entire Mercedes-Benz product range – from the light-duty Accelo to the medium-duty Atego and the heavy-duty Actros, Arocs and Zetros. These are used in numerous countries in North Africa and the Middle East – from the Kingdom of Morocco to the Sultanate of Oman.

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