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French bodybuilder KLUBB Group puts their trust in the Zetros.

The "Special" in Special Trucks wasn't just chosen at random. Every vehicle is a truly exceptional talent for tackling tough tasks. Not only do our customers around the world recognise this enormous potential, but also manufacturers of tailor-made bodybuilder solutions. After all, certain tasks require special abilities not only of the people carrying them out, but also of their machines. And it's exactly those special abilities with which the Special Trucks get equipped.

The Zetros can also count itself among these exceptional talents. Thanks to the intelligent solution of the KLUBB Group from France, it doesn't just master any type of terrain, it also brings the team and their equipment to dizzying heights. Complex tasks high up in the air are thus child's play. KLUBB Group is a versatile specialist for body conversions and, with the help of its team of engineers, it comes up with tailor-made solutions for the most varied of operational fields. In addition to large trucks, the product range also includes the Mercedes Vito and Arocs models.

Up high.

The specialists for mountable aerial work platforms know the needs of their customers very well. On the basis of these, they develop products which are indispensable for a wide variety of tasks. For working at height, the various hydraulic lifting and aerial work platforms impress with their great reach, manoeuvrability and simple, energy-saving operation even when the engine is switched off.

Fire-red Zetros supports Costa Rica's Bomberos on emergency calls.

For example, the aerial work platform mounted on the Zetros can safely lift two people with an additional load of 270 kg. With it, maintenance work can be carried out on telecommunications lines, public lighting systems and buildings.

The Zetros scores with its outstanding off-road qualities and creates a reliable basis for the freely controllable lifting platform, which can be extended to a length of up to 24.9 m.

The specially designed mobile workshop body can be individually designed.
With its swivelling boom and workshop body, the Zetros is up to any task.
Equipped for use in any terrain.
Thanks to this installation, loads can be safely raised or moved.
The individual joints of the body make it a real wonder of space.
This model also cuts a good figure from behind.
The specially designed mobile workshop body can be individually designed.

Big bodies for big operations.

Up to four new designs are developed each year by the KLUBB Group in close collaboration with their customers. The Zetros portfolio is thus complemented by a specially developed body for use on oil platforms. The off-road truck is equipped with a mobile workshop and a compact folding heavy-duty crane with two booms. With the crane's help, heavy equipment can be raised and moved problem-free.

KLUBB Group also supplies specially designed solutions for use in ambulance, fire and towing operations as well as for building and tree maintenance. These solutions are also available for Mercedes-Benz Zetros and Unimog vehicles. After all, in the words of the company itself: for every task there's a suitable solution, or more specifically, a suitable vehicle.

The choice of Mercedes-Benz vehicles by our customers and us boils down to the fact that we're truly convinced of their excellence.

Sabine Dorgan, Marketing & Communications Director, KLUBB Group

Performance worthy of centre-stage.

KLUBB Group is well-established on the international market. There, you need to be the best. Must-haves on the international stage are safety, innovation and the great reach of the elevated work platforms. A focus on sustainability and the funding of socially disadvantaged people also appeals to the customers. The company stands by this. And, in addition to its own wealth of innovation, it relies on the dependable vehicle models from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

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