Limitless edition.

The new Zetros – more powerful than ever before.

Tried and tested features remain while what is better has been further improved. Without compromise, the new Zetros is now pursuing its mission: to reach every destination. And now it's even more powerful.

In addition to its extraordinary off-road qualities and proven operational strength under extreme conditions, the striking cab-behind-engine truck is now a reliable contender for long-distance haulage, too. For rough and dusty tracks, for example. Or for asphalt roads in disrepair.

Limitless resilience.

The Zetros effortlessly overcomes potholes and muddy ruts, mountains and hills, sand, dust, cold and heat. Whilst impressing driver and crew alike with its comfort and safety. That is why the Zetros is the perfect vehicle not only off-road but on the road too.

Wherever a conventional truck reaches its limits, the new Zetros simply continues its journey. Thanks to proven electronic systems and easily accessible technology.


Limitless variety.

Of course the Zetros is thus perfectly suited to transportation tasks on long and difficult routes. But: it can do more. It is powerful in mining and the power supply sector, efficient on construction sites and reliable in emergency operations or on expeditions.

Twelve variants of the new Zetros are available ex-works. As a dumper, platform vehicle or semitrailer truck. With two or three axles. With or without all-wheel drive. Compliant with Euro III and Euro V emissions standards. Whatever the destination, the Zetros is the perfect choice.

Limitless information.

The new Zetros knows no bounds. Not even those of a conventional website. That's why it's now available in the new eBooklet!


Digital and interactive. Authentic photos, specific applications, all the information, detailed data sheets. For an overview and insight.


Watch the Zetros eBooklet!

Limitless anticipation.

The first models will be delivered in fall 2019. In the coming year, they will be followed by further vehicle variants and engine variants with Euro V specification.

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