Where there’s a
Zetros there’s a way.

On a circuit full of offroad extremes, the Zetros masters every obstacle.

It's a rough terrain giant; an offroad original, an obstacle hero. Its mission is to reach its destination. The Zetros not only takes its crew from A to B, but it fights its way for them too, right through to Z. Klaus Sengfelder and his product management team always focus on this high standard. This was also the case when the new generation of the traditional long-nose truck was developed. At the Mercedes-Benz demonstration grounds in Ötigheim, which has some of the toughest offroad challenges for vehicle testing, the team put the Zetros through its paces once again to see what it could do.

Equipped for rough terrain.

The Zetros is the product of more than 120 years of experience and expertise at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. In Ötigheim, a two-axle demo vehicle with a 12.8 l six-cylinder OM 460 LA inline engine with 330 kW (449 hp) and 2200 Nm torque, representing the new model generation, was put through its paces.

First it went on the sections where normally heavyweights like the Actros and Arocs show their prowess as construction vehicles. These were just warm-up exercises for the Zetros, which manages approach/departure angles of up to 35° and coped with all the difficulties of the circuit with apparent ease, thanks to its manual 16-speed transmission and dual-stage transfer case as well as its permanent all-wheel drive with differential locks in the axles and distributor. Another important factor is its large-volume single tyres with offroad dimensions of 14.00 R20.

Impressive comfort.

But things got really impressive on the sections where normally only the Unimog dares to go. Uphill and downhill gradients up to 80 %, twisting tracks and obstacle courses: the Zetros did not let anything stop it there either.

And test driver Markus Kraft? He's relaxed: not just because of the special truck's offroad competence, but because the Zetros is uncompromisingly comfortable too. Thanks to the low seating position behind the front axle and the generous cab, cross-country driving is pleasant for the crew.

As it moved from one section to another around the demonstration circuit, the high reliability of the Zetros was obvious; it can switch effortlessly and quickly from metalled to unmetalled sections – even when transporting heavy loa

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Hard work requires a robust truck.

With its low overall height and entry behind the front axle, the Zetros offers many advantages particularly when operated off the beaten track. On temporary or eroded tracks or on rough terrain, the special truck drives safely and fast. These are advantages which have made it useful in firefighting operations for many years. It comes into its own in the energy, construction and transport sectors too.

Ready for action when it's needed.

Because operational safety is not only a question of engine output for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, the Zetros fulfils other standards too. Thus its operation is extremely intuitive. This makes it easier for the driver to use its full potential.

Also, the truck can be repaired fast and without complication – even in remote areas. Thanks to the accessible bonnet which can be opened separately, the driver can easily take a look at the works. If it comes to the crunch, that can save time and journeys.

Passed the test!

On the test drive in Ötigheim, nothing was made easy for the Zetros. Through all ditches and troughs, along every embankment, over every ascent: at the end of the day, the human testers were exhausted. But the inexhaustible Zetros was still raring to go. There was one thing everyone agreed on: where there’s a Zetros there’s a way.

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