New horizons.

The Caumont family and their Unimog offroad camper are an inseparable team.

Everyday life for globetrotters has always featured adventure, exploration and almost limitless freedom. They have the best experiences in the remotest of places. The Caumont family from Normandy know this: With their self-converted, extreme off-road Unimog U 1300 L, they can fully live out their thirst for discovery. The robust off-road camper makes them free and independent – something many travellers dream of.

Home is where the Unimog is.

The Unimog has become a way of life for Colin, Mélanie and their family. It’s the mobile home they can use to travel almost anytime anywhere. Its robustness and off-road expertise make it the perfect companion on their tour through the challenging terrain of South America.

The outstanding overland features of the off-road camper are perfect for remote areas where there are no or hardly any passable roads. High ground clearance, portal axles and differential locks ensure unrivalled traction. The result is that the Unimog, which the French globetrotters have nicknamed “Max”, moves effortlessly over rocks, mud and sand.

The Unimog’s adaptability is a great boon to explorers. Its modular design allows a wide range of body options and makes it the ideal vehicle for off-road adventures. Some of the things “Max” was equipped with included an upgraded chassis, a roll bar and solar cells. The young family have redesigned the box body from scratch into a living space to create a comfortable and functional home on wheels.

The experiences we have with the Unimog are simply overwhelming.

Mélanie Caumont

Wherever the destination: the Unimog gets there.

The Caumont family have already explored several countries in South America, including Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. In the next few weeks and months, their Unimog will take them through the rugged landscapes of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana. But how did the young family ever come up with the idea of travelling with the Unimog? A toy for big kids.The Caumonts' passion for the off-road professional has its origins in a chance encounter with a Unimog that was used as a snow plow in the mountains. The sheer size and power of the vehicle left a lasting impression. Years later, when the idea of a longer trip came up, the Unimog was remembered and they decided to set off in an off-road mobile home.

More than just a vehicle.

For the Caumonts, the Unimog is now much more than just a means of transport. It’s their home, their refuge and their faithful travel companion. Its durability and performance have given them the confidence to conquer any terrain. Its aesthetic look has made it the subject of many conversations with curious onlookers. The Caumonts now know one thing for sure: With the Unimog, things never get boring.

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