Does not skimp
on safety.

General Safety Regulation 2024:
The Unimog is the leader of the pack.

No compromises when it comes to safety. This is what the brand with the star stands for. Since day one, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has supported the EU in its “Vision Zero” and is working towards making serious accidents on European roads a thing of the past by 2050. The Unimog therefore meets the new standards of the General Safety Regulation (GSR).

Unimog becomes (even) safer.

With the new standards for safety assistance systems within the context of GSR, the EU aims to increase general road safety, reduce the consequences of accidents and ultimately save lives. The aim is to halve the number of serious traffic accidents by 2030 and reduce them to zero by 2050. Out of a total of 11 active safety systems, eight will be mandatory for trucks and buses/touring coaches from July 2024. The remaining three will follow in 2026 and 2029.

But Mercedes-Benz Trucks is not just implementing standards, it is setting them itself: the new safety assistance systems therefore sometimes go beyond the requirements set by the European Union.

Mercedes-Benz has also played it safe when it comes to its long-standing original and has equipped the Unimog with sophisticated sensors including the associated software to protect drivers and other road users even better from danger. Because there is no such thing as too much safety.

EU General Safety Regulation 2024


From 2024, the following safety systems will be mandatory for all newly registered trucks and buses/touring coaches in the EU:

  • Emergency stop signal (ESS)
  • Making it easier to install alcohol immobilisers
    (Alcohol Interlock Installation Facilitation, ALC)
  • Driver drowsiness and alertness warning
    (Driver Drowsiness & Alertness Warning, DDR-AW)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (RDKS)
  • Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA)
  • Reversing Detection System (REV)
  • Collision warning for pedestrians and cyclists (Pedestrian Collision Warning, PCW or Moving Off Information System, MOIS)
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

In 2026, advanced driver distraction detection and prevention will also become mandatory.

At the beginning of 2029, the requirements for direct vision and the event data recorder, which is intended to store data during vehicle operation in order to be able to trace the course of events after an accident, will follow.

Read the exact wording of the GSR regulation

Exemplary road user.

Safety is a tradition at Daimler Truck. And so the Unimog has already been meeting some important safety criteria before GSR becomes mandatory – for example, thanks to its short front-end dimensions for the best possible, clear view and the ABS for controlled braking capability in any weather. The Unimog not only meets safety requirements, but also places the protection of all road users at the forefront. The new elements complement the established concept of Daimler Truck and thus make the Unimog a pioneer in the field of road safety.

Unimog: Excellent properties in terms of safety.

For you at the wheel of the Unimog, the new safety assistance systems mean one thing above all: Support and thus relief.

Unimog GSR features at a glance.

Sideguard Assist 2

Always by your side: The new generation of the improved Sideguard Assist can support drivers in changing lanes and turning under restricted visibility conditions in all speed ranges. The radar sensors located on the sides of the driver’s and co-driver’s side as well as the display in the A-pillar on both sides can draw the driver’s attention to possible dangers, whereby they can help to mitigate critical traffic situations by intervening in good time.

Frontguard Assist

Your third eye: The radar sensor of the newly developed Frontguard Assist system located at the front of the vehicle can warn drivers in hectic scenarios – such as when pulling away or at junctions – by means of visual and audible signals if unprotected road users are directly in front of the truck.

Attention Assist

Attention, break: The attention assistance system can continuously track the typical behaviour of the Unimog driver and use this to create an individual profile for detecting fatigue. Attention Assist takes into account various measurement data such as longitudinal and lateral acceleration, speed, steering wheel angle, turn signal and pedal movements as well as external factors such as uneven road surfaces or crosswinds. In the event of noticeable deviations, the system can detect signs of drowsiness and warn the driver in good time with an audible signal and a visual display in the instrument cluster, recommending a break.


Traffic Sign Assist

Speed limits always in view: Traffic Sign Assist can use camera and map data to detect traffic signs such as speed limits, overtaking and no-entry zones and warn the driver if the vehicle enters the road against the flow of traffic. The assistance system is designed especially for long, monotonous journeys. Its high level of stress-relieving comfort helps to improve driver fitness and concentration. For this purpose, the assistance system can inform the driver by means of a display and audible signal about variable speed limits – for example at roadworks – as well as additional warnings and restrictions, such as those that occur in certain weather conditions. The system can also monitor the vehicle speed and emit visual and audible warning signals if the speed is exceeded.

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Reversing camera incl. monitor system

Caution is prudence: Thanks to the reversing camera, the area behind the vehicle is also closely monitored. The camera system is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged and can transmit the image in real time to the rotating and swivelling monitor in the cab. This means that drivers can also maintain an overview when manoeuvring and reversing.

Tyre Pressure Assist

Stable and economical: The tyre pressure monitoring system is available as an alternative to the TireControl plus tyre pressure control system, which you can optionally equip your Unimog with ex works. A sensor permanently monitors the tyre pressure of all tyres on the tractor vehicle as well as on the semitrailer or trailer in real time and can warn the driver if this is too low or if there is a loss of pressure. This means that a possible source of danger can be quickly eliminated, while the reduced rolling resistance ensures the lowest possible energy/fuel consumption. In addition, the system also contributes to a longer service life of the tyres.

Pre-installation for alcohol tester with immobiliser

Only fit to drive when sober: According to the EU directive, all new vehicles must have an interface at which an alcohol tester device can be installed in the vehicle if required. If an alcohol tester is installed, it is automatically linked to the vehicle’s immobiliser.

Further innovations of the Unimog GSR generation.

Anticipation is everything: The map of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) can calculate the exact position of the Unimog on the road and thus enables the person behind the wheel to optimally adapt their driving style to the traffic conditions. This map can supply the vehicle system with the necessary information even if the camera is unable to detect any issues.

You can also expect the following from the new Unimog GSR generation:

  • LED headlamps as standard (from May 2024)
  • Front panel optionally available as painted variant
  • New seat generation (from May 2024)

Safety you can touch.

Would you like to see the new safety concept for yourself? From 13 to 17 May, you can experience the new GSR features of the Unimog implement carrier up close for the first time – at the International Trade Fair for Wastewater Technology (IFAT) in Munich.

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