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UNI-TOUCH®: The new operating system for the Unimog implement carrier.

Comfort meets intuition: UNI-TOUCH®, the new operating system for the Unimog implement carrier, is reduced to the essentials and intuitively designed. All elements are arranged ergonomically and in a space-saving manner, and new comfort features make operation easier. Working with the Unimog has never been easier. The most important innovations at a glance.

A centre console that revolves around your needs.

The new UNI-TOUCH® central control unit makes it easy to control implements with clever switching elements such as linear rockers, adjusting wheels and memory buttons. It is adjustable in length as well as lengthwise and crosswise and can thus be adapted to a wide variety of needs, such as the driver's seat side change in conjunction with the VarioPilot variable steering system.

Additional components for controlling implements can be connected via a CANBUS interface - for the greatest possible operating comfort. Third-party control units (ES1-ES9) and remote operation can also be used with UNI-TOUCH® via an ABH interface. In addition, the centre console features a practical USB port for data transfer as well as 12- and 24-volt sockets. And important storage space: storage compartments and cup holders are designed for the real workday.

A special design highlight is the ox head that adorns the new UNI-TOUCH® centre console. From 1948, the characteristic emblem adorned the first series-produced Unimog until it was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz star in 1953. Now it is back in the vehicle as a stylish design element. Because the Unimog was, is and remains: a workhorse.

A user interface that makes everything easy to understand.

The driver always has all the important information in view on the swivelling, rotatable and tiltable 10.5-inch screen with touch display. The user-friendly menu navigation makes working with UNI-TOUCH® uncomplicated. If required, a customised favourites menu is also possible. The driver can individually adapt the factory settings to his daily requirements and store them in a favourites menu for quick access. In addition, profiles, sequences and operating elements can be freely configured and uploaded or downloaded via the USB data interface - for even more efficiency in operation.

Control levers that give you the upper hand.

For operating the working hydraulics, up to four fingertip piano keys are arranged in the centre console, colour-coded to match the respective connections on the outside of the vehicle. The new, ergonomic joystick is specially designed for the right hand and is available as an optional extra for professional implement operation. It can be placed on the driver's and front passenger's right armrest or on the storage compartment in the park position. The adjustment options in length and height allow individual adaptation to the operator's arm. Three buttons, two rotary encoders and one sensor field of the joystick can be freely assigned. Its capacitive hand recognition increases operating safety.

An ignition that gets you started at the touch of a button.

A start/stop button replaces the classic ignition key of the implement carrier.Whether in the trouser pocket or jacket pocket: if the driver has the new key with him, the Unimog is ready for the next task at the touch of a button.

A central locking system with which you can quickly complete your work.

With the new UNI-TOUCH® operating system, practical central locking also becomes standard equipment.Driver and passenger doors can be locked or unlocked at the touch of a button.

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Door control panels that visibly get you around more.

The new door control panels on the Unimog implement carrier have integrated window lifts and mirror adjustment.For driver, passenger and mower door. This allows users to quickly adjust to any environment.

All that. And much more.

In addition to the highlights of the UNI-TOUCH® operating system, as a Unimog user you benefit from proven features such as the electromotive-ergonomic comfort steering, the powerful air conditioning and heating system or the open-view driver's cab with large panoramic windows.The new LED main headlights fitted as standard ensure that the driver is supported by bright illumination of the road and verges even in the dark and in bad weather.

The new working environment is rounded off with a completely new generation of seats, which provide maximum seating comfort both in winter with seat heating and in summer with active ventilation.

All designed to provide you with an optimal working situation. Simply super. And super simple.


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