The high-flyer.

The Unimog U 2019 L is certainly a high flyer with its Palfinger aerial platform.

It can get to places impossible to reach for normal vehicles:  thanks to the aerial platform from Palfinger Platforms, almost nothing is too high for the Unimog U 219 L! When forestry workers have to reach high treetops from uneven ground, this custom-built vehicle really comes into its own.

Working at dizzying heights made easy.

Anyone who works in dense pine forests will know that it doesn’t matter how motivated you are or how much elbow grease you put in: without the right equipment, you can do nothing. The biggest challenge faced by forestry workers is the sheer height at which some of their work has to be carried out. This calls for technology that can meet the most exacting requirements.

Ever since it was first founded, Palfinger Platforms has brought a pioneering spirit to the production of vehicle bodies. Over the last 90 years, what began with a small workshop in the 1930s has transformed into a stock exchange-listed global player with almost 12,000 employees. This long-established enterprise maintains a close partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Unimog keeps the power flowing.

The custom-made Unimog U 219 L with aerial platform is just one of Palfinger’s innovative solutions. The world’s largest manufacturer of forestry cranes in the off-road sector has transformed the Unimog into the perfect tool for environmental service providers. The Unimog’s off-road capability has been combined with the multitude of solutions offered by Palfinger, resulting in unrivalled performance in forestry operations.A business card on four wheels.With the Palfinger aerial platform, a lateral reach of 16.90 m and a maximum working height of 25.3 m can be achieved when cutting back trees, eliminating the need to move the vehicle frequently. The enormous jack lift of 1,300 mm means it can even be used for difficult tasks on slopes like cutting free power and railway lines.

The performance is in the detail.

The Unimog U 219 L’s low centre of gravity, optimum weight balance and wide angle of approach/departure make it the ideal carrier for an aerial platform. Thanks to its high ground clearance and differential locks, this powerful all-rounder can also tackle hard-to-reach forest tracks. What’s more, its compact turning circle of 12.60 m helps it reach routes that bring other trucks to their knees.


The standards of the P 250 BK aerial platform have been defined with maximum safety in mind, with the extremely stable base frame and the low centre of gravity really standing out as additional safety features. The ground pressure monitoring of the supports also helps to protect employees. Two eyelets on the work cage ensure that safety harnesses are always safely secured.

Combined with Palfinger’s solution, the Unimog U 219 L really is versatile in every sense of the word. Municipalities, energy suppliers and environmental service providers all rely on the robust Unimog all-rounder and the high reaching aerial platform. Where the work site appears impossible to reach, the Unimog and Palfinger unite to go where no vehicle has ever gone before!

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