A versatile all-rounder
in the forest.

The Unimog at Germany’s largest municipal forestry department.

Whether as a transport vehicle, for landscape conservation, tree and brush control or for keeping up roads and trails: the Unimog U 400 at Baden-Baden’s Forestry Department also has lots to do in spring and summer.

Fast and environmentally friendly on the move.

Woodland, meadow or trails – the Unimog feels at home wherever it is and so it is not surprising that Germany’s largest municipal forestry department decided to purchase the Unimog U 400 when looking for a new vehicle. “Our new Unimog is fast, manoeuvrable, has powerful traction and is environmentally friendly when it is working on our 400 km road and trail network, the 7,500 hectares of city forest and an additional 1,000 hectares of state forest,” confirmed August Bihlmeier, manager of the works depot at the City Forestry Department of Baden-Baden after having had six months’ practical experience.

Regardless of altitude or mountainside – in spring and summer the Unimog U 400 has plenty of work in its schedule for harvesting wood using the double-drum cable winch. At the same time, the Unimog makes sure that meadow valleys and watercourses are kept clear and that the traditional meadows planted with a scattering of fruit trees are cared for and pruned.

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